Definition of Tax Receivable

Tax Receivable means with respect to a Property for a particular Purchased Fiscal Year, the portion of a delinquent installment of ad valorem property taxes on the secured tax roll and on the supplemental tax roll of the County that:

Examples of Tax Receivable in a sentence

The Exchange Agreement and the Tax Receivable Agreement shall each be treated as part of this Agreement as described in Section 761(c) of the Code and Treasury Regulation Sections 1.704-1(b)(2)(ii)(h) and 1.761-1(c).
In addition, it is intended that the provisions of this Agreement will not result in a duplicative payment of any amount payable under the Other Tax Receivable Agreements.
This Agreement, the Exchange Agreement, the Tax Receivable Agreement and the other documents and agreements referred to herein or entered into concurrently herewith embody the entire agreement and understanding of the parties hereto in respect of the subject matter contained herein; provided that such other agreements and documents shall not be deemed to be a part of, a modification of or an amendment to this Agreement.
LLC, TRUST and INC shall have entered into a Tax Receivable Agreement, in a form acceptable to them.
It is also intended that the provisions of the Tax Receivable Agreements will result in 85% of the Cumulative Net Realized Tax Benefit, and the Accrued Amount thereon, being paid to the Persons to whom payments are due pursuant to the Tax Receivable Agreements.