Substantiate definition

Substantiate means to demonstrate clearly and con- vincingly, with satisfactory and sufficient evidence.
Substantiate means to verify the accuracy of a statement or claim through industry- established methodology (including, for the avoidance of doubt and as applicable, by means of reputable third party testing, customer surveys, or internal testing), or in the case of claims not subject to verification to have a reasonable basis to support a statement or claim.
Substantiate means to demonstrate clearly and convincingly, with satisfactory

Examples of Substantiate in a sentence

  • Substantiate the quality and check the placement of all pre-cast pre-stressed structural elements when they are to be used on the Project.

  • Qualifications: Substantiate qualifications comply with specifications.

  • Substantiate whether a proposed party to a City Contract has a Wage Theft Adjudication record or part of the Wage Theft Adjudication Database.

  • Contractor – Substantiate all charges on each invoice, other than for Fixed Prices or Fixed Fees, by attaching a summary of hours expended and hourly labor rate per employee; summary of units completed; subcontractor invoices; expense receipts, etc., or other proof of expenditures.

  • SCHOOL AND CLASSROOM PRACTICES Compliant (Yes or No)Documentation or Evidence to Substantiate Compliance MUST include Board policy title, number and date of adoption.

  • Substantiate with details of dates of examinations and announcement of results for the last 3 years.

  • He/she shall: a) Examine all claim forms with respect to the availability of funds within the appropriate codes and adequacy of evidence to support the District's expenditure; b) Substantiate receipts or other revenues or expenditures; c) Meet such other requirements as may be established by the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education and/or the Comptroller of the State of New York.

  • Substantiate that security procedures prevent unauthorized addition, modification, or deletion of a record and ensure systems are protected against such problems as power interruptions.

  • Substantiate: Submit sorts required to support recommended changes.

  • Contractor - Substantiate all charges on each invoice, other than for Fixed Prices or Fixed Fees, by attaching a summary of hours expended and hourly labor rate per employee; summary of units completed; subcontractor invoices; expense receipts, etc.; or other proof of expenditures.

More Definitions of Substantiate

Substantiate means that the treating physician must submit sufficient information (narrative or other evidence) in support of his or her conclusion that services must be continued because treatment goals have not been met. Information submitted is sufficient if the field office consultant determines that a reasonable, competent physician might agree, based on the information submitted, that treatment goals have not been met.

Related to Substantiate

  • Substantiated means an abuse investigation has been completed by the Department or the Department's designee and the preponderance of the evidence establishes the abuse occurred.

  • Substantiated report means a report of sexual conduct that TSPC or ODE determines is founded.

  • Unsubstantiated means the same as that term is defined in Section 62A-4a-101.

  • Verification means the process of comparing sets of data to establish the validity of a claimed identity (one-to-one check);

  • Voucher means an instrument where there is an obligation to accept it as consideration or part consideration for a supply of goods or services or both and where the goods or services or both to be supplied or the identities of their potential suppliers are either indicated on the instrument itself or in related documentation, including the terms and conditions of use of such instrument;

  • Assistance means cash and any other benefits provided pursuant to this chapter.

  • Documentation means SAP's then-current technical and functional documentation as well as any roles and responsibilities descriptions, if applicable, for the Cloud Service which is made available to Customer with the Cloud Service.

  • Records means any written or recorded information, regardless of physical form or characteristics, which is produced or acquired by the Party in the performance of this agreement. Records produced or acquired in a machine readable electronic format shall be maintained in that format. The records described shall be made available at reasonable times during the period of the Agreement and for three years thereafter or for any period required by law for inspection by any authorized representatives of the State or Federal Government. If any litigation, claim, or audit is started before the expiration of the three-year period, the records shall be retained until all litigation, claims or audit findings involving the records have been resolved.

  • Personnel means persons hired by the Consultant or by any Subconsultant as employees and assigned to the performance of the Services or any part thereof; “Foreign Personnel” means such persons who at the time of being so hired had their domicile outside the Government’s country; “Local Personnel” means such persons who at

  • Provide : The term "provide" means to furnish and install, complete and ready for the intended use.

  • Training means the reasonable costs associated with training and workshop participation under the Project, consisting of travel and subsistence costs for training participants, costs associated with securing the services of trainers, rental of training facilities, preparation and reproduction of training materials, and other costs directly related to course or workshop preparation and implementation.

  • Reasonable and/or “Reasonableness” shall mean in the administrator’s discretion, services or supplies, or fees for services or supplies which are necessary for the care and treatment of illness or injury not caused by the treating Provider. Determination that fee(s) or services are reasonable will be made by the Plan Administrator, taking into consideration unusual circumstances or complications requiring additional time, skill and experience in connection with a particular service or supply; industry standards and practices as they relate to similar scenarios; and the cause of injury or illness necessitating the service(s) and/or charge(s).

  • Information has the meaning specified in Section 10.07.

  • Demonstration means a show, seminar, or contest in which barber services are rendered for the purpose of educating barbers.