Stud Service definition

Stud Service. – shall mean the use of a male for breeding purposes, whether or not for remuneration.

Examples of Stud Service in a sentence

  • The Stud Service Certificate (Deckbescheinigung) is a legal document.

  • If the compensation does not take the form of money, the Stud Service Certificate must be forwarded to the breeder within one week of the whelping report.

  • The owner of the stud dog must forward the Stud Service Certificate to the breeder within one week of receipt of the stud fee.

  • The stud service section of the Combined Stud Service & Litter Registration Form must be completed by the owner of the stud.

  • Stud Service is a contract between the owners of the stud and the queen.

  • To be submitted by the breeder with the litter registration form are the following additional documents: Stud Service Certificate (Deckbescheinigung) (Article 20) and if applicable Breeding Lease Contract (Zuchtvertrag) (Article 5) and the application for Kennel Registration (Article 6) if needed.

  • I will supply a Stud Service Certificate listing the dates of mating and terms of service.

  • A JRTCA Stud Service Certificate signed by the owner of sire.Notwithstanding the provision of Article VIII, Section 1 of these Bylaws, the provision of this Article II, Section 7 may not be added to, altered or amended without the affirmative vote of ninety percent (90%) of all Club members in good standing.

  • The owner of the registered Sire must complete certificates of Stud Service on appropriate application form.(B) A kitten’s name must not include punctuations (except for apostrophes) and ordinal numbers.

  • Our page should come up when searching for Basenji Puppies, Basenjis for Sale, Basenji Stud Service, Basenji Rescue, Basenji Breeders, etc.

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