Standard Service definition

Standard Service means either an uncompressed analogue or compressed digital CCTV access service located in two End User Sites located in two different BT Local Exchange areas connected by a main link;
Standard Service means a single service per premises from one electrical source and from existing overhead facilities.

Examples of Standard Service in a sentence

  • For the avoidance of doubt, BT will process Personal Data only to the extent required for providing the Standard Service Components set out in clause 2.1 and BT will not have access to Personal Data and/or other confidential information that may be shared between the Customer and Amazon regarding the use of the AWS Management Console and the provisioning of any of the AWS Components.

  • Capital Purchases Output: Non Standard Service Delivery CapitalNon Standard Outputs:1 motorcycle procured for health officeAt Procurement process concluded and Contract awarded and signed.

  • The FRANCHISEE shall, upon request, provide without charge, one outlet of Standard Service to City offices, pump station(s), cemetery buildings, fire station(s), police station(s), and other Franchising Authority buildings that are passed by its Fiber System.

  • Handover and lauch of facilities Wage Rec't:000Non Wage Rec't:000Domestic Dev't:90,00067,500249,520Donor Dev't:000Total For KeyOutput90,00067,500249,520OutPut: 01 82 75Non Standard Service Delivery CapitalNon Standard Outputs: proposed nsangi abattior designs and BOQs completed.

More Definitions of Standard Service

Standard Service means, pursuant to Subsection (c) of Section 16-244c of the Connecticut General Statutes, the electric generation and distribution service provided to those Retail Customers of the Buyer in the Standard Service Customer Group who do not use demand meters, or who have a maximum demand of less than five hundred kilowatts (kW), and who do not purchase electricity from an Electric Supplier.
Standard Service means the Delivery Service provided by the Company pursuant to Public Act 03-135, as amended by Public Act 03-221, and as amended from time to time, and to be effective on and after January 1, 2007.
Standard Service has the meaning given in clause 3.1(2).
Standard Service means any Firm Field Service and any Interruptible Field Service, other than Fuel Gas Service, specified in a Service Agreement designated as being applicable to Standard Services, and which is provided by Westcoast:
Standard Service means the electric generation services provided by the Company, on or after January 1, 2007, to any Customer who (a) does not arrange for or is not receiving electric generation services from an electric supplier, and (b) does not use a demand meter or has a maximum demand of less than five hundred kilowatts. The availability for this service shall be in accordance with the provisions set forth in the Company’s Generation Services tariff, on file with PURA.
Standard Service a service, including, without limitation, a Competitive Standard Service, which a Network Provider has required from BT and which BT is obliged to provide, or to enter into an agreement to provide, under Condition 45 of the BT Licence;