Strategic Sourcing definition

Strategic Sourcing means a collaborative and structured process to critically analyze DHS’s procurement spending and using an enterprise approach to make business decisions about acquiring and managing commodities and services more efficiently.
Strategic Sourcing means the collaborative and structured process of critically analyzing an organization’s spending and using this information to make business decisions about acquiring goods and services more effectively and efficiently.

Examples of Strategic Sourcing in a sentence

  • This analysis is essential for efficient purchasing with public funds and allows the State to develop an effective Strategic Sourcing Plan.

  • Interview with a High Ranking Strategic Sourcing Manager at a Large Mid-Western OEM (May 2014).

  • This Invitation for Bids (“IFB”) is issued by the New York State Office of General Services (“OGS” or the “State”) Procurement Services Group, in conjunction with the New York State Strategic Sourcing Team.

  • BLACKWOOD Senior Vice President, Strategic Sourcing, Tax and Treasurer GEORGE C.

  • Interim University Executive Director of Strategic Sourcing and Chief Procurement Officer Martin Sturla addressed concerns raised during the last meeting of the Committee on Fiscal Affairs in regard to single-response bids, and defined procedures—when a single response to a competitive solicitation has been received by CUNY—to provide administrative guidance.

  • The final decision shall be at the University of Maryland, Baltimore Strategic Sourcing and Acquisition Services Officer’s sole discretion.

  • The University Project Manager or designee, if in his /her sole opinion, determines the actions of the contractor's employees or agents to be so egregious may request immediate termination of the contract by the University of Maryland, Baltimore Strategic Sourcing and Acquisition Services Officer.

  • Prior to that he was employed by Mercury Marine, where he was Executive Vice President of its MerCruiser Diesel business from 1999 to 2000, Vice President of Business Development from 1998 to 1999, Senior Director of Strategic Sourcing during 1997, and Director of Materials Management from 1993 to 1997.

  • Approval of the procurement strategy does not constitute final approval of any related D&F, J&A or Strategic Sourcing Waiver documents.

  • Any cost associated with effectuating this partnership will be accounted for in accordance with the terms of the Contract.National Nuclear Security Administration/Environmental Management Strategic Sourcing PartnershipThe Contractor shall participate in the NNSA/EM Strategic Sourcing Partnership.

More Definitions of Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing essentially means to strategically (competitively) solicit online offers (bids/proposals) from qualified sources of supply.
Strategic Sourcing means those activities which support determining the purchasing direction for any Product or commodity to facilitate the total cost of ownership of those Products.

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