Stock Tank Barrel definition

Stock Tank Barrel means the volume of liquid hydrocarbons that is equivalent to the volume of forty-two (42) U.S. gallons at atmospheric pressure and 60 °F.
Stock Tank Barrel means 42 U.S. gallons, measured at 60□E/CS> F and 14.65
Stock Tank Barrel means 42 U.S. gallons, measured at 60 E/CS> F and 14.65

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  • Stock Tank Barrel means a Barrel of stabilized Oil at a temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit and pressure of 14.7 psia.

  • In order to interpret impulse response functions (IRFs) and perform FEVD analysis, we need to identify the system by specifying the ordering of the variables.

  • Section 10 substitutes a new version of sections 43A and 43B in the 1977 Act.

  • GOR = Gas to Oil Ratio, measured in scf/STB (standard cubic feet to Stock Tank Barrel).

  • Audit examination further revealed that GCA had also prioritized three prospects for drilling namely; Wan Machar, Barada-I and Kasafa-I with “un-risked speculative recovery” potential of 1267.2 Metric Million Stock Tank Barrel (MMstb), 317.1 MMstb and 26.4 MMstb respectively.

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Stock Tank Barrel means a Barrel of stabilized Oil at a temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit and pressure of 14.7 psia. Subject Interests shall mean each kind and character of right, title, claim or interest owned by Grantor in the Leases insofar as the Leases affect the Lands, as such Subject Interests are now affected by the Prudhoe Bay Unit Agreement, the Prudhoe Bay Unit Operating Agreement, the Redetermination Settlement Agreement and the Net Profits Royalty interest (excluding the Lower Lower Net Profits Royalty interest), and as such Subject Interests are now or may later be affected by applicable law, judicial decree, arbitration, redetermination or actions of governmental agencies having jurisdiction in the matter. Trust shall mean the BP Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust, a business trust under the Delaware Trust Act administered under the terms of the BP Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust Agreement among The Standard Oil Company, BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc., The Bank of New York, Trustee, and F. James Hutchinson, Co- Trustee, dated February 28, 1989. Xxxxxxx xxxxx mean, at the time of determination, the Trustee of the Trust other than the Co-Trustee thereunder or any ancillary trustee.
Stock Tank Barrel or “stb” means one barrel of stabilized or dead oil at the surface of the Earth after the gas has escaped;

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