Unit Operating Agreement Sample Clauses

Unit Operating Agreement. 7.1 The owners of working interests and the Unit Operator shall enter into a Unit Operating Agreement which shall describe how all costs and liabilities incurred in maintaining or conducting operations pursuant to this Agreement shall be apportioned and assumed. The Unit Operating Agreement shall also describe how the benefits which may accrue from operations conducted on the unit area shall be apportioned.
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Unit Operating Agreement. 1. Each Executive Agency shall require its Licensees to enter into a Unit Operating Agreement for the Exploration or Exploitation of a Transboundary Unit In accordance with this Agreement.
Unit Operating Agreement. That certain Unit Operating Agreement, Beta Unit, San Xxxxx Bay Area, Outer Continental Shelf, Offshore California, dated as of October 1, 1978, as amended.
Unit Operating Agreement. In consideration of the execution of the Unit Agreement for the Development and Operation of the UNIT AREA, County(ies) of , New Mexico, dated , 20 , in form approved on behalf of the Secretary of the Interior and the Commissioner of Public Lands, and in consideration of the execution or ratification by other working interest owners of the contemporary Unit Operating Agreement which relates to said Unit Agreement the undersigned hereby expressly ratifies, approves and adopts said Unit Agreement as fully as though the undersigned had executed the original agreement. This Ratification and Joinder shall be effective as to the undersigned's interests in any lands and leases, or interests therein, and royalties presently held or which may arise under existing option agreements or other interests in unitized substances, covering the lands within the Unit Area in which the undersigned may be found to have an oil and gas interest. This Ratification and Joinder of Unit Agreement shall be binding upon the undersigned, his or her or its heirs, devisees, executors, assigns, or successors in interest. EXECUTED this day of , 20 . BUSINESS ENTITY SIGNATURE OF OFFICER Address: TRACT (S) Attach additional pages for tracts list if necessary. STATE OF ) COUNTY OF ) ) ss. Acknowledgment in an Individual Capacity This instrument was acknowledged before me on Date by Name(s) of Person(s) (Seal) SIGNATURE OF NOTARIAL OFFICER MY COMMISSION EXPIRES: Acknowledgment in a Representative Capacity This instrument was acknowledged before me on Date by Name(s) of Person(s) as of Type of authority, e.g., officer, trustee, etc Name of party on behalf of whom instrument was executed (Seal) SIGNATURE OF NOTARIAL OFFICER MY COMMISSION EXPIRES: SAMPLE EXHIBIT "A". MAP OF UNIT AREA UNIT COUNTY(IES), NEW MEXICO ***************************|******************************************************* * | | | 3 | 7 | | * * | | | | | | * * | 9 |- - - |-------------|------| 8 -------| 11 * * | | | | | 2 | * * SEC------------|- 6- -| SEC -------| |-----SEC * * 10 36 | | 4 31 | | | 32 * * |- -- -|------------- | | | 5 * * | | 1 | 7 | 4 | * * | | | | | * *********************************************************************************** INCLUDE IN THE MAP THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION. FEDERAL LANDS STATE LANDS FEE LANDS TRACT NUMBERS UNIT OUTLINE EXHIBIT "B". SCHEDULE OF OWNERSHIP Schedule Showing All Lands and Leases Within the UNIT County(ies), NEW MEXICO PLEASE ATTACH SHEETS WITH THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION FO...
Unit Operating Agreement. 8.1. The Unit Operating Agreement is an agreement between the unit Working Interest Owners regarding voting mechanisms, operational details, and non-Participating Area unit cost allocations for implementation of the Unit Agreement. It is not binding on DNR. The Unit Agreement, lease terms, statutes, and regulations control in the event of a conflict with the Unit Operating Agreement.
Unit Operating Agreement. The Horsethief Canyon Unit Operating Agreement will control all operations of the parties while it is in effect. In the event any lands subject to this agreement are contracted out of the Horsethief Canyon Unit, or if the Horsethief Canyon Unit is terminated, then such lands will be automatically subject to the AAPL 610-1989 JOA attached hereto as Exhibit D. Fan Energy Inc. October 1, !998 Page Three
Unit Operating Agreement. “Unit Operating Agreement” shall mean the Unit Operating Agreement, dated as of November 1, 1964, among the City, the State and certain Working Interest Owners, relating to the development and operation of the Unitized Formations and the Unitized Area.
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  • Joint Operating Agreement (JOA) Within six (6) months from the Effective Date, the Participants shall enter into the Joint Operating Agreement which shall embody the principles stipulated in this JOA Heads of Agreement and it may include such other provisions as customarily used by international petroleum industry and shall continue in effect as long as the Contract is in effect. (End of Addendum One)

  • Operating Agreement You haves received and read a copy of the Company’s Operating Agreement (the “Operating Agreement”) and agree that your execution of this Agreement constitutes your consent to and execution of the Operating Agreement, and, that upon acceptance of this Agreement by the Company, you will become a member of the Company as a holder of Shares. When this Agreement is countersigned by the Company, the Operating Agreement shall be binding upon you as of the closing date.

  • Operating Partnership Agreement The Operating Partnership Agreement, in substantially the form attached hereto as Exhibit B, shall have been executed and delivered by the partners of the Operating Partnership and shall be in full force and effect and, except as contemplated by Section 2.03 or the other Formation Transaction Documents, shall not have been amended or modified.

  • Governing Agreement The Assigned Transaction and the Confirmation shall form a part of, and be subject to, the ISDA Master Agreement dated as of September 29, 2006, as amended or supplemented from time to time (the "New Master Agreement"), between Assignee and Remaining Party. The Confirmation shall form a part of, and be subject to, the New Master Agreement.

  • Property Management Agreement The Property Management Agreement is in full force and effect and, to Borrower's Knowledge, there are no defaults thereunder by any party thereto and no event has occurred that, with the passage of time and/or the giving of notice would constitute a default thereunder.

  • Marketing Agreement The Company shall have entered into, ------------------- executed and delivered the Marketing Agreement.

  • Development Agreement As soon as reasonably practicable following the ISO’s selection of a transmission Generator Deactivation Solution, the ISO shall tender to the Developer that proposed the selected transmission Generator Deactivation Solution a draft Development Agreement, with draft appendices completed by the ISO to the extent practicable, for review and completion by the Developer. The draft Development Agreement shall be in the form of the ISO’s Commission-approved Development Agreement for its reliability planning process, which is in Appendix C in Section 31.7 of Attachment Y of the ISO OATT, as amended by the ISO to reflect the Generator Deactivation Process. The ISO and the Developer shall finalize the Development Agreement and appendices as soon as reasonably practicable after the ISO’s tendering of the draft Development Agreement. For purposes of finalizing the Development Agreement, the ISO and Developer shall develop the description and dates for the milestones necessary to develop and construct the selected project by the required in-service date identified in the Generator Deactivation Assessment, including the milestones for obtaining all necessary authorizations. Any milestone that requires action by a Connecting Transmission Owner or Affected System Operator identified pursuant to Attachment P of the ISO OATT to complete must be included as an Advisory Milestone, as that term is defined in the Development Agreement. If the ISO or the Developer determines that negotiations are at an impasse, the ISO may file the Development Agreement in unexecuted form with the Commission on its own, or following the Developer’s request in writing that the agreement be filed unexecuted. If the Development Agreement is executed by both parties, the ISO shall file the agreement with the Commission for its acceptance within ten (10) Business Days after the execution of the Development Agreement by both parties. If the Developer requests that the Development Agreement be filed unexecuted, the ISO shall file the agreement at the Commission within ten (10) Business Days of receipt of the request from the Developer. The ISO will draft, to the extent practicable, the portions of the Development Agreement and appendices that are in dispute and will provide an explanation to the Commission of any matters as to which the parties disagree. The Developer will provide in a separate filing any comments that it has on the unexecuted agreement, including any alternative positions it may have with respect to the disputed provisions. Upon the ISO’s and the Developer’s execution of the Development Agreement or the ISO’s filing of an unexecuted Development Agreement with the Commission, the ISO and the Developer shall perform their respective obligations in accordance with the terms of the Development Agreement that are not in dispute, subject to modification by the Commission. The Connecting Transmission Owner(s) and Affected System Operator(s) that are identified in Attachment P of the ISO OATT in connection with the selected transmission Generator Deactivation Solution shall act in good faith in timely performing their obligations that are required for the Developer to satisfy its obligations under the Development Agreement.

  • Management Agreement The Management Agreement is in full force and effect and there is no default thereunder by any party thereto and no event has occurred that, with the passage of time and/or the giving of notice would constitute a default thereunder.

  • Contribution Agreement The Agent shall have received an executed counterpart of the Contribution Agreement.

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