State land definition

State land means land which vests in the national or a provincial government, and includes land below the high water mark and the Admiralty Reserve, but excludes land belonging to a local authority;
State land means land—
State land means land owned by the state including the state's:

Examples of State land in a sentence

Clause 4 seeks to amend section 14 of the Code to enable the State Authority to make provisions in the State Land Rules relating to refund and forfeiture of any deposit paid as security for the issuance of licence and permit under section 68a or 74 of the Code respectively.

This amendment also seeks to facilitate the collection of rents through any appointed agent without having to provide under the State Land Rules which is consistent with the amendment to section 95 of the Code.

Greeley shall determine in its sole discretion whether to sell or lease the untreated, raw water attributable to the Water Rights and the State Land Board Lease, and at what rate, and whether to install power generating capabilities.

In the event of a Lease Reversion, Assignee shall execute any and all documents necessary to evidence that Assignor has all rights to and under the State Land Board Lease and to extinguish and remove any cloud or potential cloud on rights and interests in the State Land Board Lease, and no consent shall be required by the State Land Board to effectuate the Lease Reversion.

WHEREAS, under the State Land Board Lease, Assignor has the right to exercise the exclusive right and privilege of developing tributary and nontributary groundwater from the Upper Laramie aquifer (“ Leased Water”), underlying certain lands situated in the County of Weld, State of Colorado, and managed by the State Land Board.

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State land means property owned, controlled, or operated by a department, agency, institution or political subdivision of the state. Examples of state land, include but are not limited to: state trust lands managed by the commissioner of public lands; New Mexico department of transportation rights of way and easements; state parks; state monuments; state game and fish lands; county and municipal property including open space areas, leased lands, and rights of way; and lands owned or managed by public schools and state colleges and universities.
State land means property owned, controlled or operated by a state agency."
State land means all land in the State other than a Forest Reserve or alienated land;
State land means land owned by the State of Alaska, and interests and resources in the land, including improvements to the land.
State land means land owned by the state of Minnesota and administered by the commissioner.
State land means land vested in the President;
State land means land which vests in the national or a provincial government—