Sliding definition

Sliding a segment means moving each of the p, c objects in the direction perpendicular to the current direction at each.
Sliding a segment means moving each of the

Examples of Sliding in a sentence

  • Sliding fees are100 determined on the basis of income and family size and are standardized for all IDPH-funded101 treatment service providers.

  • Sliding Glass Door Overage Special Assessment (pages 42-43)Mr. Feltenberger recapped the following for new owners and for the record, referencing page 4 of the February 20th, 2016 BOD minutes: installation of the sliding glass doors was deferred from the major 2010 renovation; is scheduled to be completed fall of 2016; and a special assessment in monthly payments of $ 362.71 is in effect for the 12 months of 2016.

  • MOSQUITO NETLON SCREEN v Velcro typev Door typev Sliding typev PVC andCarpentry works (24x7)K.

  • Manual and computer assisted 2D drawing of simple solid model.Examples: Support Bracket, Machine Block, Shaft Support, Sliding block, Shaft bracket etc.2. 2D drafting of given machine element.Examples: Simple Pulley, bolts and nuts, spur and helical gear profiles, clamping units, hooks, couplings, L-clamps etc.3. Sectional views of machine elements using computer assisted techniques.

  • Examples are: the child’s other parent is receiving the Postsecondary Child Care Grant, your employer is helping to pay your child care costs, you receive Basic Sliding Fee child care assistance from the county, you receive an Early Childhood scholarship, you receive any other assistance to help pay for daycare costs, other parent is receiving any of the above or a discounted day care rate, or your ex-spouse is required to cover a portion of child care costs per divorce decree, etc.

  • Examples: Machine vice, Support Bracket, Machine Block, Shaft Support, Sliding block, Shaft bracket etc.4. Modeling of simple machine components using software assisted techniques.

  • Three types of flow patterns which are Single Chimney Flow Pattern, Sliding Chimney Flow Pattern and and down and Up Flow Pattern.

  • DAVID can be used independent of the IMRT method (Step and Shoot, Sliding Window or Dynamic Arc).The DAVID system was developed in collaboration with PIUS Hospital and CARL VON OSSIETZKY University, Oldenburg as well as Goettingen University, Germany.

  • Pursui ng better operabili ty with mask sliding method and 4-axis (X,Y,theta & Z) wafer stage unit Multi-wafer chuck is adopted to meet from small amorphous size of wafer to 4-inch wafer Multi-wafer chuck (Sta ge to put a wafer on) 1) Sliding a stage unit a nd optical tu be u nit to right side, then put a specimen onto wafer chuck 2) Sliding the optical unit b ack to confirm alignment, then put dow n a cover to expose Micrometers ar e adopted for stage to be moved it from side to side and up and down.

  • Some plants did not survive a late freeze and were replaced.• Contingency Expenditures:→Sliding Glass Doors Permit/Appl/Notice of CommencementKoskey Homes$3,588→West Wall Tarvek applicationKoskey Homes$3,093→3rd floor Stucco repair following sprinkler leakRaymond Johnson$1,500→3rd floor Sprinkler RepairGulfTech$ 475→East pool jet linesFlorida Septic$ 525• Sliding glass door expense is $25,600 for the 5 front doors that have been installed.

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  • Basement means any area of the building having its floor subgrade (below ground level) on all sides.

  • Compartment means a part of the EU guarantee defined in terms of the origin of the resources backing it;

  • GATS means the General Agreement on Trade in Services in Annex 1B to the WTO Agreement;