Setback definition

Setback means the minimum distance from a specified boundary that a structure or other feature must be located.
Setback means the right-angled distance from a lot line or street boundary to the nearest part of a main building on the lot.
Setback means the shortest horizontal distance between the centreline of a street adjacent to a lot and the nearest part of any building, structure, excavation or open storage on such lot.

Examples of Setback in a sentence

  • Side Setback – reduction of up to 50% of the required minimum side setback.

  • Section 9.144.030, Setback Regulations for Buildings and structures, also includes setback regulations for single- family residential and multi-family residential districts (including 20-foot front setback requirements).

  • Provide setback dimensions from all existing and proposed structures to lot lines (Setback means the required distance that a building, structure or other designated item must be located from a lot line.

  • General Findings 1 (a) Findings Regarding Setback Requirement on Fourth Street.

  • Setback distances from proposed structures to all property lines and to any existing buildings.

More Definitions of Setback

Setback means the required horizontal distance between any portion of a structure and the river's edge, measured at the structure's closest point to the river's edge.
Setback means a specified distance from surface waters or potential conduits to surface waters where manure, litter, and process wastewater may not be land applied. Examples of conduits or potential conduits include the following:
Setback means the minimum separation in linear feet, measured on a horizontal plane, required between a treatment works, disposal system, or utilization system and physical features such as building, roads, property lines, or water bodies.
Setback. , means the horizontal distance from the centreline of the street allowance, measured at right angles to such centreline to the nearest part of any building or structure on the lot.
Setback from a boundary or building, means a horizontal distance from that boundary or building;
Setback means a line usually parallel to the plot boundaries and laid down in each case by the Authority beyond which nothing can be constructed towards the plot boundaries unless specifically allowed by the Authority.
Setback means a minimum horizontal distance main- tained between a feature of a discharging facility and a potential point of impact.