Lateral definition

Lateral means a pipe, chamber or other conveyance used to carry and distribute effluent.
Lateral means the reassignment of an employee to a different recognized function within the same occupation, or to another occupation of the same classification as the employee's former occupation.
Lateral means the portion of the wellbore of a horizontal well from the point of entry to the terminus [52 O.S. § 87.6(B)(9)].

Examples of Lateral in a sentence

  • Sewer Lateral Inspections: BEL has been performing sanitary sewer lateral inspections as necessary.

  • Boat Speeds, Angular Velocities, and Lateral Rolling Angles ABCBoat speed(m/s)1.57±2.351.62±1.871.87±0.77Boat angular velocity (°/s)12.78±5.4110.87±6.2713.01±5.54Lateral rolling angles(°)12.47±6.8412.23±5.2911.87±4.08 1.

  • Lateral Rolling AnglesThis variable indicates the degree of lateral rolling of the boats, and lower values of this variable can indicatea greater stability.

  • E.g. Lateral flow test results)As part of our public task to protect students and staffYour health dataIn order to support the vital interests of our students and staff.

  • The RNA is extracted from these swabs and amplified using64 specific primers, which makes it more specific, sensitive and relatively rapid, deeming it as65 the gold standard assay for SARS-CoV-2 detection by World Health Organization (WHO).66 Other rapid tests including Simple Amplification Based Assay (SAMBA) [5], which uses67 nucleic acid for detection, serological assays such as Lateral Flow Immunoassays (LFA) [6]68 and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) have also been developed.

More Definitions of Lateral

Lateral means pipe, tubing or other conveyance used to carry and distribute effluent.
Lateral means: where the duties of the jobs are substantially the same and within the same job family and grid level.
Lateral means any pipe, tubing, or other device used to convey and distribute effluent in a dispersal
Lateral means that part of the Sewer System extending from a Sewer to the easement line or to the property line, as applicable, or if no such extension is provided, then “Lateral” shall mean that portion of, or place in, a Sewer that is provided for connection of any Building Sewer.
Lateral means a length of distribution pipe or chambered trenches in the absorption system.
Lateral means a secondary water or wastewater pipeline branching directly from a central supply pipeline or manifold leading to an irrigation site;