RSU Plan definition

RSU Plan means the restricted share unit plan of the Corporation;
RSU Plan means the Restricted Share Unit Plan of the Company dated May 9, 2012, as may be amended, restated or supplemented;

Examples of RSU Plan in a sentence

  • Currently, the RSU Plan has a limit of 2 million shares, which is not rolling.

  • In respect of each designated performance period and subject to the terms of the RSU Plan, the Board may from time to time establish the grant date and grant to any Eligible Person one or more RSUs as the Board deems appropriate.

  • Under the RSU Plan, together with any other share compensation arrangement, the number of shares reserved for issuance may not exceed 10% of the total number of issued and outstanding shares and, to any one optionee, may not exceed 5% of the issued shares on a yearly basis.

  • The Board may in its own discretion, at any time, and from time to time, grant RSUs to any employee, director or consultant of the Company or its subsidiaries (collectively, "Eligible Person"), other than persons conducting investor relations activities, from time to time by the Board, subject to the limitations set forth in the RSU Plan.

  • The Board may designate one or more performance periods under the RSU Plan.

More Definitions of RSU Plan

RSU Plan means Alaris RSU plan, as more particularly described beginning on page 32 of this Information Circular under the heading "Equity Incentive Plans".
RSU Plan means the CBS Corporation 2005 RSU Plan for Outside Directors, as amended from time to time.
RSU Plan means the 2014 amended and restated North American Palladium Ltd. restricted share unit plan for directors, officers and key employees.
RSU Plan means the amended and restated restricted share unit plan adopted by the Board; “RSU” means restricted share units awarded under the RSU Plan;