Shipping container definition

Shipping container means a MIL-STD-129 defined exterior container that meets carrier regulations and is of sufficient strength, by reason of material, design, and construction, to be shipped safely without further packing (e.g., wooden boxes or crates, fiber and metal drums, and corrugated and solid fiberboard boxes).
Shipping container means a hard-sided container with a lid or other enclosure that can be secured into place. A shipping container is used solely for the transport of medical marijuana, medical marijuana concentrate, or medical marijuana products between medical marijuana businesses, a medical marijuana research facility, or a medical marijuana education facility.
Shipping container means any container or wrapping used solely for the transport of a marijuana items in bulk to a marijuana licensee as permitted in these rules.

Examples of Shipping container in a sentence

  • Shipping container labels shall be illustrated in the contractor’s technical proposal and contain the following information: 451.1 USDA shield at least 2 inches high and appearing on the top of the container or on the principal display panel.

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Shipping container means any con- tainer used in packing an immediate container.Department means the U.S. Depart- ment of Agriculture.Dirty egg or Dirties means an egg(s) that has an unbroken shell with adher- ing dirt or foreign material.Egg means the shell egg of the do- mesticated chicken, turkey, duck, goose, or guinea. Some of the terms ap- plicable to shell eggs are as follows:(a) Check means an egg that has a broken shell or crack in the shell but has its shell membranes intact and contents not leaking. (b) Clean and sound shell egg means any egg whose shell is free of adhering dirt or foreign material and is not cracked or broken.
Shipping container means a hard-sided container with a
Shipping container means a hard-sided container with
Shipping container means a container in which cigarettes are shipped in connection with a delivery
Shipping container means any container used or intended for use in packaging the product packed in an immediate container.
Shipping container means any container used in packaging a
Shipping container means a rectangular metal container customarily used for the transport of freight or for storage. (BYLAW 7084, 2006)