Settlement Classes definition

Settlement Classes means the Ontario Settlement Class and the Quebec Settlement Class.
Settlement Classes means, in respect of each Proceeding, the settlement class defined in Schedule A.
Settlement Classes means and includes the following classes:

Examples of Settlement Classes in a sentence

  • The terms of the Settlement Agreement are hereby preliminarily approved, including the release contained therein, as being fair, reasonable, and adequate to the Settlement Classes, subject to a Fairness Hearing.

  • Subject to Court approval, any person or entity seeking exclusion from the Settlement Class(es) must file a written request for exclusion by the Opt-Out Deadline.

  • Any person or entity that files such a request shall be excluded from the Settlement Class(es) and shall have no rights with respect to this settlement.

  • These firms have, and will, fairly and competently represent the interests of the Settlement Classes.

  • The Court’s findings in this Order shall have no effect on the Court’s ruling on any motion to certify any class in these actions or on the Court’s ruling(s) concerning any Defendant’s motion; and no party may cite or refer to the Court’s approval of the Settlement Classes as persuasive or binding authority with respect to any motion to certify any such class or any Defendant’s motion.

More Definitions of Settlement Classes

Settlement Classes means all Persons included in the Electrolytic Settlement Classes and the Film Settlement Classes.
Settlement Classes means all Persons included in the Electrolytic Settlement Classes and the Ontario Film Settlement Class.
Settlement Classes means and includes Applicants, Constructive Applicants and Incumbents.
Settlement Classes means the classes composed of members of the Monetary Relief Class and the Structural Changes Class (as defined in Section 2.2).
Settlement Classes or “Settlement Class Members” means all Class Members of both Classes that do not Opt-Out, inclusive of Average Usage Class Members and Above Average Usage Class Members.
Settlement Classes means and includes the Credit Card Settlement Class and the Email Confirmation Settlement Class, as defined herein.
Settlement Classes means the Settlement Class and the California Settlement Subclass.