Ontario Film Settlement Class definition

Ontario Film Settlement Class means the settlement class in respect of the Ontario Film Action that is defined in Schedule “B” to this Settlement Agreement.
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Examples of Ontario Film Settlement Class in a sentence

  • THIS COURT ORDERS that the Film Settlement Amount shall be held in the Trust Account by Ontario Counsel or its duly appointed agent for the benefit of Ontario Film Settlement Class members, pending further order of this Court on notice to the Defendants.

  • The Plaintiffs agree that, in the motions for certification or authorization of the Proceedings as class proceedings for settlement purposes and for the approval of this Settlement Agreement, the only common issues that they will seek to define are the Common Electrolytic Issue and the Common Film Issue, and the only classes that they will assert are the Ontario Electrolytic Settlement Class, the Ontario Film Settlement Class, the Québec Settlement Class and the BC Settlement Class.

  • THIS COURT ORDERS that the Settlement Agreement is fair, reasonable and in the best interests of the Ontario Film Settlement Class.

  • THIS COURT ORDERS that, in the event that the Settlement Agreement is terminated in accordance with its terms, this Order shall be declared null and void without need for further notice of this Court but with notice to the Ontario Film Settlement Class.

  • The form of the notices referred to in subsection 11.1 shall provide that Ontario Film Settlement Class Members wishing to object to the Settlement Agreement be permitted to file objections to the Ontario Court in writing and in French if they so choose (in which case Class Counsel agree to make available an unofficial translation for use by the Court), and be invited to contact Class Counsel to discuss ways to have their objections heard orally before the Court in French if they so choose.

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  • Ontario Settlement Class means the settlement class in respect of the Ontario Action as defined in Schedule A.

  • Settlement Class means the class described in Section II(E)(2) below.

  • PJM Settlement or “PJM Settlement, Inc.” shall mean PJM Settlement, Inc. (or its successor), established by PJM as set forth in Section 3.3 of the Operating Agreement.

  • Settlement Classes means all Persons included in the Electrolytic Settlement Classes and the Film Settlement Classes.

  • ASX Settlement means ASX Settlement Pty Ltd (ABN 49 008 504 532);

  • securities settlement system means a system that enables securities to be transferred and settled by book entry according to a set of predetermined multilateral rules.

  • Settlement Class Period means the period January 1, 2006 through January 31,

  • Settlement Class Counsel shall refer to the law firms of: Cotchett, Pitre, & XxXxxxxx LLP San Francisco Airport Office Center 000 Xxxxxxx Xxxx, Suite 200 Burlingame, CA 94010 Robins Xxxxxx LLP 000 Xxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxx 0000 Xxx Xxxx, XX 00000 Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx L.L.P. 0000 Xxxxxx xx xxx Xxxxx, Xxxxx 000 Xxx Xxxxxxx, XX 00000

  • Viatical settlement broker means a person, including a life insurance producer as provided for in section 508E.3, who, working exclusively on behalf of a viator and for a fee, commission, or other valuable consideration, offers or attempts to negotiate viatical settlement contracts between a viator and one or more viatical settlement providers or one or more viatical settlement brokers. Notwithstanding the manner in which the viatical settlement broker is compensated, a viatical settlement broker is deemed to represent only the viator, and not the insurer or the viatical settlement provider, and owes a fiduciary duty to the viator to act according to the viator’s instructions and in the best interest of the viator. “Viatical settlement broker” does not include an attorney, certified public accountant, or a financial planner accredited by a nationally recognized accreditation agency who is retained to represent the viator and whose compensation is not paid directly or indirectly by the viatical settlement provider or purchaser.

  • Settlement Class Members means a Person(s) who falls within the definition of the Settlement Class.

  • Settlement Class Member means each person and entity who or which is a member of the Settlement Class.

  • Retail Settlement Code means the code approved by the Board which, among other things, establishes a distributor’s obligations and responsibilities associated with financial settlement among retailers and consumers and provides for tracking and facilitating consumer transfers among competitive retailers;

  • ASTC Settlement Rules means the operating rules of ASTC and, to the extent that they are applicable, the operating rules of ASX and the operating rules of the Australian Clearing House Pty Limited;

  • Net Settlement Amount means the Gross Settlement Amount minus (a) all Attorneys’ Fees and Costs paid to Class Counsel as authorized by the Court; (b) all Case Contribution Awards as authorized by the Court; (c) all Administrative Expenses; and (d) a contingency reserve not to exceed an amount to be mutually agreed upon by the Settling Parties that is set aside by the Settlement Administrator for (1) Administrative Expenses incurred before the Settlement Effective Date but not yet paid, (2) Administrative Expenses estimated to be incurred after the Settlement Effective Date, and (3) an amount estimated for adjustments of data or calculation errors.

  • Gross Settlement Fund means the Settlement Amount plus all interest earned thereon.

  • Physical Settlement Amount For any Settlement Date for which Physical Settlement is applicable, an amount in cash equal to the product of (a) the Forward Price in effect on the relevant Settlement Date multiplied by (b) the Settlement Shares for such Settlement Date.

  • Purchase Contract Settlement Fund has the meaning specified in Section 5.5.

  • Gross Settlement Amount means the sum of one million, eight hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars ($1,875,000), contributed to the Qualified Settlement Fund in accordance with Article 5. Defendants shall cause this amount to be paid directly by their fiduciary liability insurer. The Gross Settlement Amount shall be the full and sole monetary payment to the Settlement Class, Plaintiffs, and Class Counsel made by or on behalf of Defendants in connection with the Settlement effectuated through this Settlement Agreement. Neither Defendants nor their insurer(s) will make any additional payment in connection with the Settlement of the Class Action.

  • Viatical settlement provider means a person, other than a viator, who enters into or effectuates a viatical settlement contract. Viatical settlement provider does not include:

  • Net Settlement Fund means the Settlement Fund less: (i) any Taxes;

  • Physical Settlement Date means the date on which the Portfolio (as defined in the Credit Default Swap) is delivered by Buyer to Seller under the Credit Default Swap.

  • Individual Settlement Payment means the amount payable from the Net

  • Viatical settlement contract or “contract” means a written agreement entered into between a provider and a viator in which the provider will pay consideration that is less than the expected death benefit of the viator's policy in return for the viator's assignment, transfer, sale, devise, or bequest of the death benefit or ownership of the policy to the provider.

  • Master Settlement Agreement means the settlement agreement and related documents entered into on November 23, 1998, and incorporated into a consent decree and final judgment entered into on December 7, 1998, in Kelley Ex Rel. Michigan v Philip Morris Incorporated, et al., Ingham county circuit court, docket no. 96-84281CZ.

  • Net Share Settlement On each Settlement Date, Issuer shall deliver to Dealer a number of Shares equal to the Number of Shares to be Delivered for such Settlement Date to the account specified by Dealer and pay cash to Dealer in lieu of any fractional shares valued at the Relevant Price on the Valuation Date corresponding to such Settlement Date. Number of Shares to be Delivered: In respect of any Exercise Date, subject to the last sentence of Section 9.5 of the Equity Definitions, the product of (i) the number of Warrants exercised or deemed exercised on such Exercise Date, (ii) the Warrant Entitlement and (iii)(A) the excess, if any, of the VWAP Price on the Valuation Date occurring on such Exercise Date over the Strike Price, divided by (B) such VWAP Price. The Number of Shares to be Delivered shall be delivered by Issuer to Dealer no later than 4:00 P.M. (local time in New York City) on the relevant Settlement Date.

  • Final Settlement Statement shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.6.