Security Clause definition

Security Clause. With the exception of excluded personnel listed in Article #1 of this Agreement, all work in the handling and selling of merchandise in the retail store of the Employer shall be performed only by employees of the bargaining unit who are members of UFCW Local 1518. The parties agree to meet to discuss any additional third-party services that will impact existing employeeshours of work prior to those services being put in place. No bargaining unit employee employed at ratification shall suffer a loss of hours as a direct result of excluded personnel in Section 1 of this Agreement working in the handling and selling of merchandise in the workplace of the Employer.

Examples of Security Clause in a sentence

  • Envelope No.2 shall contain : (i) Price Bid (ii) Scanned copy of D.D. towards Performance Security if applicable as per Performance Security Clause shall be uploaded at the appropriate location.

  • Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing deviations from or objections or reservations to critical provisions such as those concerning Performance Security (GCC Clause 6), Warranty (GCC Clause 25), Bid Security (Clause 9 of ITB) Force Majeure (GCC Clause 17), Applicable law (GCC Clause 22) and Taxes & Duties (GCC Clause 24), will be deemed to be material deviation.

  • Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the contrary, we shall not be liable for the first £1,000 for each and every claim arising from theft or attempted theft, robbery and malicious damage to the premises, unless the buildings have minimum security, as described in endorsement 8, Minimum Security Clause.

  • Besides, the EMD as indicated later at clause 7.1 (Bid Security Clause) must be enclosed along with the Technical Bid document.

  • Security Clause as per latest guidelines and requirement Mandatory Licensing requirements with regards to security related concerns issued by the Government of India from time-to-time shall be strictly followed and appropriate clauses shall be added in all bid documents.

  • The Trustee shall hold the Security (Clause 8 (Creation of Security)) as a security trustee (Clause 7 (Appointment as Trustee)) for security purposes (Clause 9 (Security Purpose)).

  • The Bank Guarantee will be extended if required suitably in accordance with the provisions of Performance Security Clause of the Specification.

  • Except as otherwise specified elsewhere in the Contract, and to the extent that it is demonstratively unavoidable and without prejudice to the "Security" Clause of the General Provisions, the Vendor or his employees shall not, without prior authorisation from the Purchaser, release any information pertaining to this Contract, its subject matter, performance there under or any other aspect thereof.

  • Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the contrary, we shall not be liable for the first£1,000 for each and every claim arising from theft or attempted theft, robbery and malicious damage to the premises, unless the buildings have minimum security, as described in endorsement 7, Minimum Security Clause.

  • The Economy Act may not apply in some cases where indus- trial plants are determined excess sub- ject to the National Security Clause or similar recapture conditions.

Related to Security Clause

  • Deemer clause means a provision under this title under which upon the

  • Due-on-sale clause The clause in a Security Instrument requiring the payment of the Unpaid Principal Balance of the related Mortgage Loan upon the sale of, or the transfer of an interest in, the related Mortgaged Property.

  • Security Bond means an amount payable by a tenant as security for the performance of his obligations under a residential tenancy agreement, including an amount referred to in section 29(1)(b)(ii);

  • Security Limits means operating electricity system voltage limits, stability limits and thermal ratings.

  • Security Clearance means that level of security clearance required by the City or its police department for Contractor personnel accessing the information or premises required to be accessed in order to perform the Work under this Contract;

  • Security freeze means a notice placed in a credit report, at the

  • Security Schedule means Schedule 2 hereto.

  • Security Requirement means the amount in Dollars (as certified by the Agent whose certificate shall, in the absence of manifest error, be conclusive and binding on the Borrowers and the Creditors) which is, at any relevant time:

  • Security Requirements means the requirements regarding the security of Personal Data, as set out in the Data Protection Laws (including, in particular, the seventh data protection principle of the DPA and/ or the measures set out in Article 32(1) of the GDPR (taking due account of the matters described in Article 32(2) of the GDPR)) as applicable;

  • Security Vulnerability means a flaw or weakness in system security procedures, design, implementation, or internal controls that could be exercised (accidentally triggered or intentionally exploited) and result in a security breach such that data is compromised, manipulated or stolen or the system damaged.

  • Security Code means a sequence of numbers and/or letters or such other codes or procedures, whether generated by a Security Mechanism or otherwise, for use in connection with access to and/or use of the EB Services;

  • Security Codes are the credentials (such as codes and passwords) that are associated with you and used by us to verify the authenticity of Communications from you. Security Codes are used to access Accounts and to use the Services. The Security Codes include any supplemental or alternative method used to verify the authenticity of Communications that may be offered or presented to you by us from time to time. • “Service(s)” and “Online Banking” are the online banking interface and the banking services described in this Agreement.

  • Loss Payable Clauses means the provisions regulating the manner of payment of sums receivable under the Insurances which are to be incorporated in the relevant insurance document, such Loss Payable Clauses to be in the forms set out in paragraph 4 of this Schedule, or such other form as the Bank may from time to time agree in writing;

  • Security Agreement Collateral means all "Collateral" as defined in the Security Agreement.

  • Security Collateral with respect to any Granting Party, means, collectively, the Collateral (if any) and the Pledged Collateral (if any) of such Granting Party.

  • Data Security Requirements means the following, in each case to the extent relating to any sensitive or confidential information, or any matters relating to data privacy, protection, or security or the access, collection, use, processing, storage, sharing, distribution, transfer, disclosure, destruction, or disposal of any personally identifiable information: (i) all applicable Laws and any related security breach notification requirements, (ii) the Conveyed Companies’ own respective rules, policies, and procedures, and (iii) Contracts to which the Conveyed Companies are bound.

  • Security alarm system means a device or series of devices, intended to summon law enforcement personnel during, or as a result of, an alarm condition. Devices may include hard- wired systems and systems interconnected with a radio frequency method such as cellular or private radio signals that emit or transmit a remote or local audible, visual, or electronic signal; motion detectors, pressure switches, duress alarms (a silent system signal generated by the entry of a designated code into the arming station to indicate that the user is disarming under duress); panic alarms (an audible system signal to indicate an emergency situation); and hold-up alarms (a silent system signal to indicate that a robbery is in progress).

  • Model Clauses means the standard contractual clauses annexed to the EU Commission Decision 2010/87/EU of 5 February 2010 for the transfer of Personal Data to Processors established in third countries under the EU Directives and any amendment, replacement or renewal thereof by the European Commission.

  • Additional Clauses means the additional Clauses in Call Off Schedule 14 (Alternative and/or Additional Clauses) and any other additional Clauses set out in the Call Off Order Form or elsewhere in this Call Off Contract;

  • Guaranty and Collateral Agreement means the Guaranty and Collateral Agreement dated as of the date hereof executed and delivered by the Loan Parties, together with any joinders thereto and any other guaranty and collateral agreement executed by a Loan Party, in each case in form and substance satisfactory to the Administrative Agent.

  • Request regarding a list of collateral means a record authenticated by a debtor requesting that the recipient approve or correct a list of what the debtor believes to be the collateral securing an obligation and reasonably identifying the transaction or relationship that is the subject of the request.

  • Collateral and Guarantee Requirement means, at any time, the requirement that:

  • Security and Pledge Agreement shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.01(c).

  • Security Tests means conduct tests of the processes and countermeasures contained in the Security Plan.

  • Security Standards means the final rule implementing HIPAA’s Security Standards for the Protection of Electronic PHI, as amended.

  • Security Details means any security procedure you follow or use to give or authorise an instruction, confirm your identity or access a Device or certain functionality on that Device (for example a passcode, access code, security code, or biometric data such as a fingerprint).