Definition of SCIP Trustee

SCIP Trustee means Wilmington Trust, National Association, as trustee under the SCIP Trust Agreement.
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Examples of SCIP Trustee in a sentence

The SCIP Trustee shall be entitled to rely on the SCIP Requisition on its face without any further duty of investigation.
The Local Agency and the Developer acknowledge and agree that the SCIP Trustee shall make payment strictly in accordance with the SCIP Requisition and shall not be required to determine whether or not the Acquisition Improvements have been completed or what the Actual Costs may be with respect to such Acquisition Improvements.
The Program Administrator will review the SCIP Requisition and forward it with instructions to the SCIP Trustee and the SCIP Trustee shall make payment directly to the Developer of such amount pursuant to the SCIP Trust Agreement.