Right of Subrogation definition

Right of Subrogation means the Plan is entitled to pursue any claims that You may have in order to recover the benefits paid by the Plan. Immediately upon paying or providing any benefit under the Plan, the Plan shall be subrogated to (stand in the place of) all of Your rights of recovery with respect to any claim or potential claim against any party, due to an Injury, Illness or condition to the full extent of benefits provided or to be provided by the Plan. The Plan may assert a claim or file suit in Your name and take appropriate action to assert its subrogation claim, with or without Your consent. The Plan is not required to pay You part of any recovery it may obtain, even if it files suit in Your name.
Right of Subrogation means the Plan is entitled to pursue any claims that the Participant may have in order to recover the benefits paid by the Plan. Immediately upon paying or providing any benefit under the Plan, the Plan shall be subrogated to (stand in the place of) all of the Participant’s rights of recovery with respect to any claim or potential claim against any party, due to an injury, Illness or condition to the full extent of benefits provided or to be provided by the Plan. The Plan may assert a

Examples of Right of Subrogation in a sentence

  • Its fiscal policy has been closer to Norway than that of Nigeria or Venezuela.

  • See the Right of Subrogation, Reimbursement, and Offset section for more information.

  • Our Right of Reimbursement, as well as our Right of Subrogation, is hereinafter referred to as Right of Reimbursement.

  • Endorsement Waiver of the Right of Subrogation for General Liability specifically against the “City of Pasadena”.

  • Do States Vary on the Right of Subrogation from the Proceeds of a Collateral Third-Party Claim, Like a Medical Malpractice Claim or a Wrongful Death Claim?Yes.

  • The sections below also define certain words and phrases:  Section 3.0 - Covered Dental Services;  Section 6.0 - How We Coordinate Your Benefits When You Are Covered By More Than One Plan;  Section 7.0 - How To File And Appeal A Claim; and  Section 7.7 - Our Right of Subrogation and Reimbursement.

  • Charges for an Illness or Injury suffered by a Covered Person due to the action or inaction of any Third-Party if the Covered Person fails to provide information as specified in the Right of Subrogation, Reimbursement, and Offset section.

  • Each Party, and their insurer(s), agrees to Waive Right of Subrogation against Buyer Group and Seller Group, respectively, and to issue a policy endorsement evidencing such waiver.

  • I.C. § 27-7-5-6(b)Exception to the Right of Subrogation for UIM PaymentsThe insurer providing underinsured motorist coverage does not have the right of subrogation if it is informed of a bona fide offer of settlement which includes a certification of the liability coverage limits of the underinsured motorist and the insurer fails to advance payment in at least the amount of the offer within 30 days.

  • The Insurance Company agrees to Waive their Right of Subrogation against The City of Jackson and this must be noted on the Certificate of Insurance.• Auto Liability Insurance in the amount of $500,000 Combined Single Limit.

Related to Right of Subrogation

  • Subrogation means the right of the insurer to assume the rights of the insured person to recover expenses paid out under the policy that may be recovered from any other source.

  • Loss Payee Has the meaning specified in Section 13.02(b)(i) of the Lease.

  • General Liability means:Your legal liability in respect of Personal Injury and/or Property Damage and/or Advertising Injury caused by or arising out of an Occurrence happening in connection with the Business other than Products Liability.

  • General Liability Insurance Subcontractor shall carry minimum primary General Liability Insurance for the following amounts:

  • Erroneous Payment Subrogation Rights has the meaning specified in Section 9.08(e).

  • Additional Insured is defined in Section D of Annex D to the Lease.

  • Errors and Omissions Insurance Policy means an errors and omissions insurance policy maintained by the Master Servicer, the Special Servicer, the Trustee, the Custodian or the Certificate Administrator, as the case may be, in accordance with Section 8.2, Section 9.2 and Section 7.17, respectively.

  • Insurers means the underwriters or insurance companies with whom any Insurance is effected and the manager of any protection and indemnity or war risks association in which the Vessel may at any time be entered;

  • Crew Insurances means insurances against crew risks which shall include but not be limited to death, sickness, repatriation, injury, shipwreck unemployment indemnity and loss of personal effects.

  • R&W Insurer means AIG Specialty Insurance Company.

  • Liability Insurance means compulsory professional liability errors and omissions insurance required by a governing body;

  • Blanket insurance policy means a group policy covering a defined class of

  • Co-insurance means the percentage of the usual, reasonable, customary, and fair market value expense that a covered person must pay.

  • R&W Insurance Policy means the representations and warranties insurance policy issued to Buyer in connection with the transactions contemplated hereby.

  • Fidelity Insurance means insurance coverage with respect to employee errors, omissions, dishonesty, forgery, theft, disappearance and destruction, robbery and safe burglary, property (other than money and securities) and computer fraud in an aggregate amount acceptable to Seller’s regulators.

  • Underlying insurance means the DESIGNATED UNDERLYING POLICY and all insurances affording professional liability insurance coverage to any INSURED hereunder which are considered to be primary to this insurance, including without limitation, any such mandatory insurance coverage afforded any INSURED by any law society or other program, and any such non-mandatory insurances purchased as coverage or primary to (beneath) this POLICY coverage, but in no case shall include any insurance specifically acquired and stated to be in excess of this POLICY. Signed on behalf of Lawyers’ Professional Indemnity CompanyDaniel E. PinningtonDaniel E. PinningtonPresident and Chief Executive Officer Endorsement No . 1pollutIon exClusIonThis POLICY, subject to all its terms and conditions not in conflict with this endorsement, and further to Part III Exclusion (g), shall include the following:This insurance does not apply to:(a) damage arising out of the actual, alleged or threatened discharge, seepage, dispersal, release or escape of pollutants:

  • Insureds Premises Not An "Insured Location" "Bodily injury" or "property damage" arising out of a premises:

  • FHA Insurance The contractual obligation of FHA respecting the insurance of an FHA Loan pursuant to the National Housing Act, as amended.

  • D&O Liability Insurance Policies means all insurance policies (including any “tail policy”) of any of the Debtors for liability of any current or former directors, managers, officers, and members.

  • Additional Insureds has the meaning specified in Section 7.06(a) of the Indenture.

  • Hazard Insurance Policy means, with respect to each Contract, the policy of fire and extended coverage insurance (and federal flood insurance, if the Manufactured Home is secured by an FHA/VA Contract and such Manufactured Home is located in a federally designated special flood area) required to be maintained for the related Manufactured Home, as provided in Section 5.09, and which, as provided in said Section 5.09, may be a blanket mortgage impairment policy maintained by the Servicer in accordance with the terms and conditions of said Section 5.09.

  • Hazard Insurance A fire and casualty extended coverage insurance policy insuring against loss or damage from fire and other perils covered within the scope of standard extended hazard coverage naming the Servicer, its successors and assigns, as a mortgagee under a standard mortgagee clause, together with all riders and endorsements thereto.

  • Primary Insurance Policy Each policy of primary mortgage guaranty insurance or any replacement policy therefor with respect to any Mortgage Loan.

  • Insurer means a person who insures or guarantees for the benefit of the mortgagee all or any portion of the risk of loss upon borrower default on any of the mortgage loans originated, purchased or serviced by the Company or any of its Subsidiaries, including the Federal Housing Administration, the United States Department of Veterans’ Affairs, the Rural Housing Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and any private mortgage insurer, and providers of hazard, title or other insurance with respect to such mortgage loans or the related collateral.

  • Indemnity, Subrogation and Contribution Agreement means the Indemnity, Subrogation and Contribution Agreement among Xxxxx 0, the Borrower, the Subsidiary Loan Parties and the Collateral Agent, substantially in the form of Exhibit C-3.

  • blanket hazard insurance policy covering the common facilities of a planned unit development. The hazard insurance policy is the valid and binding obligation of the insurer, is in full force and effect, and will be in full force and effect and inure to the benefit of the Purchaser upon the consummation of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement. The Company has not engaged in, and has no knowledge of the Mortgagor's or any Subservicer's having engaged in, any act or omission which would impair the coverage of any such policy, the benefits of the endorsement provided for herein, or the validity and binding effect of either, including without limitation, no unlawful fee, unlawful commission, unlawful kickback or other unlawful compensation or value of any kind has been or will be received, retained or realized by any attorney, firm or other person or entity, and no such unlawful items have been received, retained or realized by the Company;