Underlying insurance definition

Underlying insurance means the DESIGNATED UNDERLYING POLICY and all insurances affording professional liability insurance coverage to any INSURED hereunder which are considered to be primary to this insurance, including without limitation, any such mandatory insurance coverage afforded any INSURED by any law society or other program, and any such non-mandatory insurances purchased as coverage or primary to (beneath) this POLICY coverage, but in no case shall include any insurance specifically acquired and stated to be in excess of this POLICY. Signed on behalf of Lawyers’ Professional Indemnity CompanyDaniel E. PinningtonDaniel E. PinningtonPresident and Chief Executive Officer Endorsement No . 1pollutIon exClusIonThis POLICY, subject to all its terms and conditions not in conflict with this endorsement, and further to Part III Exclusion (g), shall include the following:This insurance does not apply to:(a) damage arising out of the actual, alleged or threatened discharge, seepage, dispersal, release or escape of pollutants:
Underlying insurance means the insurance coverage provided under policies shown in the Schedule of Underlying Insurance, or any additional policies agreed to by us in writing. It includes any policy issued to replace one of those policies during the term of this insurance that provides:
Underlying insurance means the primary policy and all policies providing cover in excess of the primary policy up to the Underlying Limit of Liability stated in the Schedule.

Examples of Underlying insurance in a sentence

  • Underlying insurance shall include all liability coverage required by this contract except Professional Liability Errors & Omissions coverage as outlined below.

  • Underlying insurance is insurance on all or any part of the deductible and against all or any of the causes of loss covered by this policy including declarations of value to the carrier for hire.

  • You must maintain in full effect Primary Underlying Liability insurance with minimum limits that meet the requirements of the ‘Required’ Primary Underlying insurance policies equal to those shown under the Declarations and Policy Application.

  • If you do not, this policy will still be valid, but we will only be responsible for that portion of the ultimate net loss that exceeds the limits of liability required by the ‘Required’ Primary Underlying insurance policies.

  • Schedule of Underlying Insurance, listing policy information for all Underlying insurance policies (Insurer, Policy Number, Policy Term, Coverage and Limit of Insurance).

More Definitions of Underlying insurance

Underlying insurance means any policies of insurance listed in the Declarations under the Schedule of "underlying insurance".
Underlying insurance means the policies or self-insurance shown in the Schedule Of Underlying Insurance, any replacements thereof and other policies purchased or issued for newly acquired or formed organizations. Policies purchased or issued replacements of policies or self-insurance listed in the Schedule Of Underlying Insurance or for newly acquired or formed organizations shall not be more restrictive than those listed in the Schedule Of Underlying Insurance. All “underlying insurance” shall be maintained by you in accordance with the Maintenance Of Underlying Insurance condition of this policy.
Underlying insurance means the directors and officers liability insurance policies scheduled in Item VIII of the Declarations.
Underlying insurance means any policy providing the "insured" with primary liability insurance covering one or more of the types of liability listed in the Declarations and at limits no less than the retained policy limits shown for those types of liability listed in the Declarations.
Underlying insurance means the insurance policies issued by the UNDERLYING INSURER that are listed in the SCHEDULE.
Underlying insurance means an existing insurance policy in force with
Underlying insurance means any liability insurance policy