CCLS Chief definition

CCLS Chief means the manager, or successor, of Central Contracts and Legal Services or successor section or office.

Examples of CCLS Chief in a sentence

  • Only the CCLS Chief or designee has the authority to waive any term or condition of this Contract on behalf of DSHS.

  • Contractor is responsible to ensure that all terms, conditions, assurances and certifications set forth in this Contract are included in any and all Subcontracts, unless an exception to including a particular term or terms has been approved in advance by the CCLS Chief.

  • Only the CCLS Chief or designee has the authority to waive any term or condition of this Agreement on behalf of DSHS.

  • If the County does not correct the County’s noncompliance within the period of time specified in the written notice of noncompliance, the CCLS Chief may then terminate the agreement.

  • That argument is incorrect, as facts alleged in the complaint and in Image Media’s brief opposing dismissal—which the court may properly consider on a Rule 12(b)(6) motion, see Phillips, 714 F.3d at 1020—give rise to a permissible inference that Image Media suffered some form of economic harm, up to and including the deprivation of all beneficial uses of the properties.

  • In the event of a continuing pattern of default, the CCLS Chief will not be required to provide a cure period.

  • Digressions may be reported to, with possible hearing by, the Progressions Committee and/or the President’s Council.Faculty and staff have a right to the grievance and due process protocol, as listed in the MTSA Administrative Manual and Faculty Handbook.

  • However, if a mandate altered materially post-approval, it was incumbent on Deal Teams to revert to the NBC to confirm their continued approval of the mandate.

  • If the issue is not satisfactorily resolved, the CCLS Chief may rescind delegated signing authority.

  • The CCLS Chief will attempt to resolve issues of compliance with this policy or the “Guide” through consultation with the responsible Key Contract Coordinator prior to rescinding signing authority.

More Definitions of CCLS Chief

CCLS Chief means the individual in Central Contracts and Legal Services with oversight authority for DSHS statewide agency contracting procedures. “Central Contracts and Legal Services (CCLS)” means the statewide Department of Social and Health Services of the State of Washington headquarters contracting office in the Financial Services Administration, Operations Support and Services Division.

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