Research Agreement definition

Research Agreement means any valid ar- rangement to perform federally-sponsored research or development including grants, cost-reimbursement type contracts, cost-re- imbursement type subcontracts, and fixed- price contracts and subcontracts.
Research Agreement means a new written contract, grant or cooperative agreement entered into between a person and a college or research corporation for the performance of qualified research; however, all qualified research costs generating a rebate must be spent by the college or research corporation on qualified research undertaken according to a research agreement.
Research Agreement means the sponsored research agreement between MIT and Alnylam effective on May 8, 2007.

Examples of Research Agreement in a sentence

  • Research Agreement, dated January 1, 2000, between Fidelity Management & Research (Far East) Inc.

  • It is understood that each Portfolio will pay all of its expenses other than those expressly stated to be payable by the U.K. Sub-Advisor hereunder, by the Foreign Sub-Advisor under the Master International Fixed-Income Research Agreement, by the U.S. Sub-Advisor under the Sub-Advisory Agreement, or by the Advisor under the Management Contract with the Portfolio.

  • OthersAll the researchers/research institutions organizing a consortium are strongly recommended to conclude a Collaborative Research Agreement (hereinafter referred to as “CRA”) to assure optimal understanding and coordination among the collaborating scientists working on each project before project starts.

  • Proposer is, and shall remain, an independent contractor with respect to all services performed under any License or Research Agreement awarded as a result of this ITN.

  • If any terms and conditions contained within the documents that are a part of this ITN or resulting contract are in conflict with any other terms and conditions contained therein, then the various documents comprising this ITN or resulting License or Research Agreement, as applicable, shall govern in the following order of precedence: amendment, contract and addendum(s), addenda to invitation to negotiation, special conditions, general conditions, invitation to negotiate.

More Definitions of Research Agreement

Research Agreement means the Research Agreement described in Section 3.11 of this Agreement.
Research Agreement means that certain research agreement of even date herewith, a copy of which is attached as Exhibit 1.25.
Research Agreement means the Research Agreement by and between Pioneer and Contractor dated of even date herewith.
Research Agreement means the agreement entitled "Research Agreement for the Development of Molecular Cytogenetics" between The Regents and Optionee dated July 1, 1994, for the conduct of research, and any extensions or renewals thereof, and incorporated herein by reference. In the event of any inconsistencies between the Research Agreement and this Agreement, the terms of 5 this Agreement shall control.