Remove and Replace definition

Remove and Replace means to remove and dispose of an existing item or building component and to provide and install a new item or building component in its place.
Remove and Replace means to remove, prior to installation of the new item, and toinstall complete, as described by the term “Install” (see above).
Remove and Replace means to remove and properly dispose of, prior to installation

Examples of Remove and Replace in a sentence

  • Remove and replace construction that has been cut and patched in a visually unsatisfactory manner.

  • Remove and replace damaged surfaces that are exposed to view if surfaces cannot be repaired without visible evidence of repair.

  • Remove and replace malfunctioning units and retest as specified above.

  • Remove and replace chipped, scratched, and broken glass, reflective surfaces, and other damaged transparent materials.

  • Remove and replace unit masonry damaged by frost or by freezing conditions.

  • Remove and replace concrete that cannot be repaired and patched to Architect's approval.

  • Remove and replace panels that are wet, moisture damaged, and mold damaged.

  • Remove and replace masonry units that are loose, chipped, broken, stained, or otherwise damaged or that do not match adjoining units.

  • Remove and replace work not conforming to requirements of Contract Documents.

  • Remove and replace, or scarify and air dry, otherwise satisfactory soil material that exceeds optimum moisture content by 2 percent and is too wet to compact to specified dry unit weight.

Related to Remove and Replace

  • Good repair means about eighty percent of materials and compo- nents are unbroken, have all their pieces, and can be used by children as intended by the manufacturer or builder.

  • Common Areas and Facilities means collectively the Development Common Areas and Facilities and the Residential Common Areas and Facilities and all those parts and such of the facilities of the Development designated as common areas and facilities in any Sub-Deed;

  • Limited common areas and facilities means those common areas and facilities

  • Replace “Replaced” and “Replacement” shall have correlative meanings.

  • Repair means to restore to proper operating condition a tank, pipe, spill prevention equipment, overfill prevention equipment, corrosion protection equipment, release detection equipment or other UST system component that has caused a release of product from the UST system or has failed to function properly.

  • Repairs means the repairs to be made to the Mortgaged Property, as described on the Repair Schedule of Work (Exhibit C) or as otherwise required by Lender in accordance with this Loan Agreement.

  • Landscaping means the treatment of land (other than buildings) being the site or part of the site in respect of which this planning permission is granted, for the purpose of enhancing or protecting the amenities of the site and the area in which it is situated and includes screening by fences, walls or other means of enclosure; measures to screen the refuse provision; planting of trees, hedges, shrubs or grass; formation of banks, terraces or other earth works, laying out of gardens, paved areas or courts and other amenity features.

  • Office Space means the offices of the Service Provider located at 000 Xxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxx 00, Xxx Xxxx, Xxx Xxxx 00000 (or any successor location or other existing office space of the Service Provider or any of its affiliates).

  • Replacement Property means any property which is placed in service as a replacement for any item of Equipment or any Improvement previously subject to this Fee Agreement regardless of whether such property serves the same functions as the property it is replacing and regardless of whether more than one piece of property replaces any item of Equipment or any Improvement to the fullest extent that the FILOT Act permits.

  • Landscaped area means all the planting areas, turf areas, and water features in a landscape design plan subject to the Maximum Applied Water Allowance and Estimated Applied Water Use calculations. The landscaped area does not include footprints of buildings or structures, sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, decks, patios, gravel or stone walks, other pervious or non-pervious hardscapes, and other non-irrigated areas designated for non-development (e.g., open spaces and existing native vegetation).

  • Cleaning means the act of removing septage or other wastes from a wastewater treatment system component or grease/waste from a grease interceptor.

  • Parking Facilities means parking lots or other off-street areas for the parking of vehicles, including areas below or above the surface of streets.

  • Specialty Alterations means Alterations consisting of kitchens, executive bathrooms, raised computer floors, computer installations, vaults, libraries, internal staircases, dumbwaiters, pneumatic tubes, vertical and horizontal transportation systems, and other Alterations of a similar character.

  • Outside Areas means all areas within the Property which are located outside the buildings, such as pedestrian walkways, parking areas, landscaped areas, open areas and enclosed trash disposal areas.

  • Restore means accomplish a Restoration.

  • Repair facility Means any licensed automotive REPAIR FACILITY capable of performing repair services to a COVERED PART, approved by the ADMINISTRATOR, and at which YOU seek to acquire service under this CONTRACT.

  • Interior means the spaces, parts, components or elements of an individual dwelling unit.

  • Replacement Equipment means operational equipment or other parts used by Tenant to replace any of the Equipment.

  • Tenant’s Personal Property means all motor vehicles, Inventories, FAS and any other tangible personal property of Tenant, if any, acquired by Tenant at its election and with its own funds on and after the date hereof and located at the Leased Property or used in Tenant's business at the Leased Property and all modifications, replacements, alterations and additions to such personal property installed at the expense of Tenant, other than any items included within the definition of Proprietary Information.

  • Structural damage means a covered building, regardless of the date of its construction, has experienced the following.

  • Communications Equipment means the communications equipment of the Licensee and its affiliates, including, without limitation, cabinets, racks, electronic equipment and other similar equipment.

  • Structural Alterations means any Alterations involving the structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire/life safety or heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems of the Building.

  • Removable Installations means any items listed on Exhibit F attached hereto and any items agreed by Landlord in writing to be included on Exhibit F in the future, (y) “Tenant’s Property” means Removable Installations and, other than Installations, any personal property or equipment of Tenant that may be removed without material damage to the Premises, and (z) “Installations” means all property of any kind paid for by Landlord, all Alterations, all fixtures, and all partitions, hardware, built-in machinery, built-in casework and cabinets and other similar additions, equipment, property and improvements built into the Premises so as to become an integral part of the Premises, including, without limitation, fume hoods which penetrate the roof or plenum area, built-in cold rooms, built-in warm rooms, walk-in cold rooms, walk-in warm rooms, deionized water systems, glass washing equipment, autoclaves, chillers, built-in plumbing, electrical and mechanical equipment and systems, and any power generator and transfer switch.

  • Common Areas is defined as all areas and facilities outside the Premises and within the exterior boundary line of the Industrial Center and interior utility raceways within the Premises that are provided and designated by the Lessor from time to time for the general non-exclusive use of Lessor, Lessee and other lessees of the Industrial Center and their respective employees, suppliers, shippers, customers, contractors and invitees, including parking areas, loading and unloading areas, trash areas, roadways, sidewalks, walkways, parkways, driveways and landscaped areas.

  • Construct means constructing, reconstructing, upgrading, extending, relocating, or removing any part of the Natural Gas Distribution System;

  • Decorative pole means a streetlight pole specially designed and placed for aesthetic purposes and on which no appurtenances or attachments, other than specially designed informational or directional signage or temporary holiday or special event attachments, have been placed or are permitted to be placed according to nondiscriminatory municipal codes.