Refer definition

Refer means to direct or cause to be directed or to exercise any power or influence over the direction of title insurance business, whether or not the consent or approval of any other person is sought or obtained with respect to the referral.
Refer means to place or cause to be placed, or to
Refer means to send a matter currently under consideration to an individual; a department; a Committee or Council for their consideration.

Examples of Refer in a sentence

  • Refer to the Maine Revised Statutes Annotated and supplements for certified text.The Office of the Revisor of Statutes also requests that you send us one copy of any statutory publication you may produce.

  • Refer to the implementing guidance published by the Office of Management and Budget for additional information.

  • Refer to the Doing part - PDSA of the MFI to test and measure your ideas for success.

  • Refer to the glossary for definitions.E1 E1 E1 E1 E1 E1 E1 E1 E1 E1 E1 E1 E1 E1 E1 E1 E1 E1 E2 This question has been removed from the Common Data Set.

  • Refer to the Bid Document Submission Checklist for all required documents.

More Definitions of Refer

Refer means to direct, cause to be directed, or exercise an influence over the direction of title
Refer means to direct a matter under discussion by Council or Committee to a Staff Member for further examination.
Refer means to provide direction to an individual or the individual’s parent or guardian to obtain medical services or a test for assessment, diagnosis, or treatment of a birth defect or other medical condition.
Refer means to direct a matter under discussion by Council to a committee or staff for further examination.
Refer. , “Reference” or “Referred” means Council can send a pending motion or agenda item to a Standing Committee, Council Committee or Administration for investigation and report.
Refer means to direct an individual to a health care institution for services provided by the health care institution.
Refer means the interface through which IM and CSRU staff share related case information.