Existing Manager definition

Existing Manager means THR Property Management L.P.
Existing Manager means MHH Management, LLC.
Existing Manager means Vista Host, Inc.

Examples of Existing Manager in a sentence

  • All employees employed at the Hotel are the employees of the Existing Manager.

  • There are, to Seller’s knowledge, no (i) unions organized at the Hotel, (ii) union organizing attempts, strikes, organized work stoppages or slow downs, or any other labor disputes pending or threatened with respect to any of the employees at the Hotel, or (iii) collective bargaining or other labor agreements to which Seller or the Existing Manager or the Hotel is bound with respect to any employees employed at the Hotel.

  • Upon reasonable prior notice to Seller by Buyer, Buyer and its employees, representatives and agents shall have the right to communicate with Seller’s staff, and, subject to the approval of the Existing Manager, the Hotel staff and the Existing Manager’s staff, including without limitation the general manager, the director of sales, the engineering staff and other key management employees of the Hotel, at any time before Closing.

  • Seller has relied upon the Financial Statements in connection with its ownership and operation of the Hotel, and there are no independent audits or financial statements prepared by third parties relating to the operation of the Hotel other than the Financial Statements prepared by or on behalf of the Existing Manager, all of which have been provided to Buyer.

  • The Hotel has at all times been operated by Existing Manager in accordance with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, ordinances and codes.

More Definitions of Existing Manager

Existing Manager means North Central Management, Inc.
Existing Manager means InterMountain Management, L.L.C.
Existing Manager means American Homes 4 Rent Management Holdings, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company.
Existing Manager means General Growth Management, Inc.
Existing Manager means LBAM-Investor Group, L.L.C., an Alabama limited liability company and an Affiliate of the Company.
Existing Manager means a licensed manager that is not a recent graduate of the
Existing Manager means Hawkeye Hospitality Group, Inc., an Iowa corporation.