Proposed Variation definition

Proposed Variation has the meaning given in clause 3.3(a). Proposing Party has the meaning given in clause 3.3(a).
Proposed Variation means a variation proposed in either a Developer Notice of Variation or an ESCo Notice of Variation (as applicable); and
Proposed Variation means a variation that is the subject of a Mandatory Variation Dispute;

Examples of Proposed Variation in a sentence

  • Ballots will be rejected—with no opportunity to cure errors—if the statement on the ballot envelope is incomplete or if an election official subjectively determines that the voter’s ballot envelope signature does not match the signature on file with election authorities.

  • In the event of an Adjustment Event or a Variation, a Party ( Proposing Party) may notify the other Party (Non-Proposing Party) of a proposal to vary the area of the Extension Land (Proposed Variation) (which proposal must include details of the variation, the reasons for the variation and any alternatives to that variation) to the extent required as a result of the Adjustment Event or a Variation.

  • Pursuant thereto, the Board had on 25 November 2009 announced that FBO and the New Guarantors had on even date entered into the second supplemental agreement to set out the terms and conditions of the Proposed Variation.

  • If the Non-Proposing Party does not give a notice under clause 3.3(c)within the time period specified in clause 3.3(c), then theNon-Proposing Party is taken to consent to the Proposed Variation.

  • If the Non-Proposing Party does not give a notice under clause 3.3(c) within the time period specified in clause 3.3(c), then the Non- Proposing Party is taken to consent to the Proposed Variation.

  • As such, the conversion of the Convertible Bonds after the Proposed Variation has come into effect will give rise to an obligation on the Concert Group to make a mandatory general offer for all the securities of the Company not already owned or agreed to be acquired by the Concert Group under Rule 26 of the Takeovers Code by virtue of the increase of the Concert Group’s collective voting rights by more than 2%, unless a waiver is granted by the Executive.

  • If the Non-Proposing Party consents (or is deemed to consent) to a Proposed Variation which proposes to vary the area of the Extension Land to include any Additional Land, then, subject to clause 3.4(b), the Landholder must, at its cost, use its reasonable endeavours to secure the Additional Land Interest in respect of that Additional Land which is most appropriate having regard to the nature and extent of the Proposed Variation.

  • Pacific National, Pacific National Submission to the ACCC in Relation to the ARTC’s Proposed Variation to the 2011 HVAU, February 2018, p.

  • The purpose of this report is to inform whether or not to undertake SEA on Proposed Variation No. 1.

  • Thus, the effects of the conversion of the Notes pursuant to the Proposed Variation are not ascertainable at this juncture.

More Definitions of Proposed Variation

Proposed Variation has the meaning given in clause 2.2. Proposed USP Variation has the meaning in clause 2.3. Proposed Works has the meaning in clause 26(a).
Proposed Variation has the meaning set out in clause 17.3(c) of these Services Terms.
Proposed Variation has the meaning given in clause 3.3(a). Proposing Party has the meaning given in clause 3.3(a). RCTI has the meaning given in clause 13.5(d)(i). Removed Infrastructure means:

Related to Proposed Variation

  • Proposed Budget means the budget presented for public hearing as required by W.S. 16-4-109 and formatted as required by W.S. 16-4-104(b);

  • Proposed Change Order (PCO means a document that informs Contractor of a proposed change in the Work and appropriately describes or otherwise documents such change including Contractor’s response of pricing for the proposed change.

  • Construction Schedule means a construction schedule indicating the planned start and completion dates of the major activities of the Work as set out in Appendix [ ], a future Appendix;

  • Proposed decision means the presiding officer’s recommended findings of fact, conclusions of law, decision, and order in a contested case in which the entire board of the authority did not preside.

  • Change Order means a written instrument signed by Owner and Contractor stating their agreement upon all of the following: (1) a change in the Work; (2) the amount of the adjustment in the Contract Sum, if any, and (3) the extent of the adjustment in the Contract Time, if any.

  • Proposed Plan As defined in Section 3.17(a)(iii).

  • Construction Budget means the fully-budgeted costs for the acquisition and construction of a given piece of real property (including without limitation, the cost of acquiring such piece of real property (except to the extent any portion thereof is Unimproved Land), reserves for construction interest and operating deficits, tenant improvements, leasing commissions, and infrastructure costs), as reasonably determined by the Borrower in good faith. Real property under construction to be (but not yet) acquired by the Borrower or a Subsidiary upon completion of construction pursuant to a contract in which the seller of such real property is required to complete construction prior to, and as a condition precedent to, such acquisition, shall be subject to this definition.

  • Project Proposal means a physical work that a proponent proposes to construct, operate, modify, decommission, abandon or otherwise carry out, or a physical activity that a proponent proposes to undertake or otherwise carry out, such work or activity being within the Nunavut Settlement Area, except as provided in Section 12.11.1;

  • Proposed Project SCHEDULE: (edit schedule below as appropriate) Project Event Completion Date Pre-bid Meeting Questions Due Proposals Due Begin Work Programming Phase Permitting Phase Schematic Design Phase Design Development Phase Construction Documents Phase Bidding or Negotiation Phase Construction Administration 1-Year Warranty

  • Initial Budget has the meaning set forth in Section 6.4(a).

  • Business Plan means the information required to be supplied to the

  • Construction Drawings means the final architectural plans and specifications, and engineering plans and specifications, for the real property improvements to be constructed by Tenant in the Premises in sufficient detail to be submitted for governmental approvals and building permits and to serve as the detailed construction drawings and specifications for the contractor, and shall include, among other things, all partitions, doors, HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems) distribution, ceiling systems, light fixtures, plumbing installations, electrical installations and outlets, telephone installations and outlets, any other installations required by Tenant, fire and life-safety systems, wall finishes and floor coverings, whether to be newly installed or requiring changes from the as-is condition of the Premises as of the date of execution of the Lease;

  • Unilateral Change Order (ULCO means a Change Order issued by Owner without the complete agreement of Contractor, as to cost and/or time.

  • Variation Notice means a written notice signed by a Shareholder (or each Shareholder in the case of a joint shareholding) under clause 8.1 in the form prescribed or approved by the Board from time to time, which may (without limitation) be combined with, or form part of, any other form or notice including an Election Form).

  • Proposed Charter means the proposed fourth amended and restated certificate of incorporation to be adopted by Fusion pursuant to the Charter Proposal immediately prior to the Closing (and which at and after the Closing will operate as the fourth amended and restated certificate of incorporation of New MoneyLion), a copy of which is attached as Annex B to this proxy statement/prospectus.

  • Proposed Change has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 9.02(c).

  • Project Budget means the budget and project description included in the grant application. The Project Budget must succinctly describe all major elements of project work, the estimated cost of each, and clearly allocate requested grant funding and match contributions to each.

  • Specification Schedule means the Schedule containing details of the Specification.

  • Variation Order means any written order, identified as such issued to the Contractor by the Employer under Sub Clause 31.1.

  • approved proposal means a proposal approved or deemed to be approved under this Agreement;

  • Basic Terms Modification means any proposal:

  • Proposed New Lender is defined in Section 2.20.

  • Allocation Statement means for each financial year, a statement in respect of each of the separate businesses of the of the Generating Company or Transmission Licensee or Distribution Licensee, showing the amounts of any revenue, cost, asset, liability, reserve or provision etc, which has been either:

  • Term Sheet means any term sheet that satisfies the requirements of Rule 434 under the Act. Any reference herein to the "date" of a Prospectus that includes a Term Sheet shall mean the date of such Term Sheet.

  • Budget means a resource, expressed in financial terms, proposed by the Board for the purpose of carrying out, for a specific period, any or all of the functions of the Trust.

  • Implementation Schedule means the Implementation Schedule in Section VII of the tendering documents.