Professional representative definition

Professional representative means a legal practitioner or other person who has been engaged or appointed to represent
Professional representative means any person registered by name in the Register of professional representatives as defined in Article 85 of the Law, as well as the attorneys registered in the membership list of attorneys for the Luxembourg courts;

Examples of Professional representative in a sentence

When the move/delivery is completed, the walkthrough inspection will be repeated and any Damages which have occurred as a result of the Move In/Move Out, Other Move or other move or delivery contemplated hereunder will be noted on the same checklist, or other form used, and will be acknowledged by the additional signatures of both Manager and the Professional representative.

In the case of a screening committee for an Academic Professional position a majority of the screening committee (at least 51% unless waived by mutual agreement of the Federation and Human Resources) will be bargaining unit members with at least one Academic Professional representative.

In the event that an Allied Health Professional refuses to sign material as called for in the sections of this Article, an Allied Health Professional representative will be called and will sign in the Allied Health Professional's place in order to provide verification that a genuine attempt was made to give the AHP an opportunity to read it.

Professional representative bodies of staff carrying out safety-related tasks ANNEX III REQUEST FOR INFORMATION FROM THE EUROPEAN CENTRAL REPOSITORY 1.

Through her active participation in the Inter-departmental Committees, and related work of awareness raising with Government Agencies, Trade and Professional representative bodies, and organisations, which promote enterprise and investment, the NCP is in a position to promote the Guidelines and other instruments produced by the OECD Investment Committee.