Private Transportation Company definition

Private Transportation Company or “PTC” means any Person who facilitates or operates a Ride-Sharing Service through a Platform;
Private Transportation Company. ' or “PTC” means a Person that offers, operates, or facilitates prearranged transportation services using a Private Transportation Company Platform that receives requests for transportation services from prospective Passengers and connects such requests to a Private Transportation Company Driver;
Private Transportation Company means a taxicab company or a transportation network company. "Private transportation driver" or "driver" means an individual who:

Examples of Private Transportation Company in a sentence

  • On January 3, 2003, the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) purchased from the California Private Transportation Company (CPTC) its interest in a Franchise Agreement for the 91 Express Lanes.

  • The FasTrak company provides the transponders, but the California Private Transportation Company maintains customer accounts and provides all customer service.

  • On 15 April he reminded the respondent about his deadline for a response to his 4 April email.

  • I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understand the regulations as set out in the North Bay Police Services Board Vehicles for Hire and Private Transportation Company Vehicles By-law #26/20.

  • Peak period travel was already approaching the facility’s capacity and threatening to undermine California Private Transportation Company (CPTC’s) principal product, a congestion - free peak period ride.

  • No owner, director, officer or employee of a Private Transportation Company shall refuse to provide information requested by the City for the purposes of an investigation pertaining to the administration or enforcement of this By-law.

  • The Automobile Liability Insurance shall be provided through an endorsement or an automobile liability form approved by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario for use by a Private Transportation Company or Private Transportation Company Driver.

  • Assets to be Acquired Pursuant to the Sale and Purchase Agreement, the Purchaser has conditionally agreed to purchase and the Vendors have conditionally agreed to sell 100% of the issue share capital of the Target Company which is legally and beneficially owned by the Vendors.

  • The Police Record Check must be dated no more than one (1) year old for existing drivers providing service for a Private Transportation Company and no more than thirty (30) days old for drivers providing services for a Private Transportation Company in the first instance, and that, unless approved by the Issuer of Licences.

  • If the coverage required of Private Transportation Company Driver by this subsection lapses or the Private Transportation Company Driver fails to obtain the coverage, the Private Transportation Company shall ensure that such coverage it maintains shall apply.

More Definitions of Private Transportation Company

Private Transportation Company or “PTC” means any Person who facilitates or operates a
Private Transportation Company means a taxicab company or a transportation network company.
Private Transportation Company or “PTC” means any person who facilitates or operates a Ride-Sharing Service through a Platform but does not include food delivery services associated with PTCs.
Private Transportation Company or “PTC” means a person that offers, operates or facilitates prearranged conveyance services using a private transportation company platform that receives requests for conveyance services from prospective passengers and connects such requests to a PTC driver and PTC vehicle, save and except an individual who connects such requests only to immediate family members, including the individual himself or herself;
Private Transportation Company means any person that offers, facilitates, or operates prearranged transportation services for compensation, from a point in the City of Ottawa to any point within or beyond the City of Ottawa, using any software or application or telecommunications platform or digital network to connect passengers with PTC Drivers, excluding a licensed taxicab using an app, and may also be referred to as “PTC” for the purposes of this by-law;

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