Home industry definition

Home industry means any occupation or activity resembling a construction or industrial-type activity, conducted for gain or profit which is clearly incidental, subordinate and secondary to the principal use of the property. Such uses may include a carpentry shop, a craft shop, a metal working shop, a plumbing shop, an electrical shop, a welding shop, or other similar use. A home industry shall be conducted in whole, or in part, in an accessory building to a permitted dwelling house. Home industries shall be established in accordance with the provisions of Section 3.10 of this by-law.
Home industry means an industry undertaken within an accessory building to a dwelling unit by at least one of the permanent residents of the dwelling unit which is secondary to the main use of the dwelling unit or agricultural operation. Examples include: upholstery, weaving, animal hospital, wood-working shop, carpentry shop, machine shop, welding shop, landscaping business, small scale market garden, etc.

Examples of Home industry in a sentence

  • Home industry classified as cottage industry e.g. mat weaving, pottery making, food preservation, etc.

  • Home industry uses shall only include a carpentry shop, an electrical shop, an electronic equipment repair shop, a metal working shop, a plumbing shop, a small engine repair shop, and a welding shop.

  • Home industry or professional offices, subject to meeting all of the requirements of Section 225-139.

  • Home industry (see Section 400 C and Definitions – Appendix A) Section 203 SITE PLAN APPROVALNo Zoning Permit shall be issued by the Administrative Officer for any use requiring site plan approval by the Planning Commission until a site plan has been submitted and approved in accordance with Sections 202-205.

  • Home industry uses may include production of custom or artisanal products and services such as carpentry, metalworking, welding, electrical work, gardening or blacksmithing, primarily for the farming community.

More Definitions of Home industry

Home industry means the use of land, buildings and structures accessory or secondary to the primary residential use of the property for the purpose of storing, assembling, altering, repairing, manufacturing, fabricating, packing, preparing, breaking up, demolishing and treating any article, commodity or substance that can be carried out without hazard or intrusion and without detriment to the amenities of the surrounding area by reason of scale, noise, vibration, smell, fumes, smoke, grit, soot, ash, dust, glare or appearance and does not produce waste water in the process or contaminate water sources. Uses include, but are not limited to, the production of arts and crafts, wine‐making, boarding stables, service shop, blacksmith and storage building for vehicles, equipment and commodities. A maximum of two persons who do not live on the property, in addition to the residents, may be employed in the home industry.
Home industry means an industry carried on in a building which is a dwelling- house or dwelling, or is within the curtilage of a dwelling-house or dwelling, under the following circumstances:
Home industry means a small scale use providing a service primarily to the rural community and which is accessory to a single detached dwelling or agricultural operation. A home industry may beconducted in whole or in part within an accessory building and may include a carpentry shop, a metal working shop, a welding shop, an electrical shop or blacksmith's shop, but does not include an auto repair or paint shop or furniture stripping operation.
Home industry means an occupation, which is carried on entirely within a building that is accessory to a detached dwelling house, in accordance with the Town Zoning By-law, as amended;
Home industry means a dwelling (or in a building ancillary to a dwelling) used by one or more permanent residents of the dwelling to carry out an industrial activity that does not involve:
Home industry means a business that:
Home industry means a use such as a small-scale business, office, studio or shop for professionals, artisans, craftsmen and tradesmen which is subordinate to, and accessory to, an agricultural operation or non-farm dwelling, which may be conducted within a dwelling or in whole or in part of an accessory building, but does not include a public garage auto body or public garage mechanical.