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home industry means a dwelling (or a building ancillary to a dwelling) used by one or more permanent residents of the dwelling to carry out an industrial activity that does not involve any of the following:
home industry means an industry which is clearly incidental or secondary to the residential use of a single detached dwelling and is conducted either entirely within a single detached dwelling or in an accessory building to a single detached dwelling, primarily by an inhabitant thereof. Such industries include: woodworking; welding; plumbing; a machine shop or similar use.

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Home Industry means a business that: a) Is carried on as a small-scale use that is accessory to a single dwelling or agricultural operation, b) provides a service such as carpentry, metalworking, welding, electrical or blacksmithing, primarily to the farming community, c) may be carried out in whole or in part in an accessory building, and d) does not include such uses as auto repair, or paint shop or furniture stripping.

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home industry means a business that,
home industry means the use of land, buildings and structures accessory or secondary to the primary residential use of the property for the purpose of storing, assembling, altering, repairing, manufacturing, fabricating, packing, preparing, breaking up, demolishing and treating any article, commodity or substance that can be carried out without hazard or intrusion and without detriment to the amenities of the surrounding area by reason of scale, noise, vibration, smell, fumes, smoke, grit, soot, ash, dust, glare or appearance and does not produce waste water in the process or contaminate water sources. Uses include, but are not limited to, the production of arts and crafts, wine‐making, boarding stables, service shop, blacksmith and storage building for vehicles, equipment and commodities. A maximum of two persons who do not live on the property, in addition to the residents, may be employed in the home industry.
home industry. ’ means an industry carried on in a building (other than a dwelling-house or a dwelling in a residential flat building) under the following circumstances:
home industry means a service industry or a non-effluent producing industry conducted in whole or in part within a building accessory to a single detached dwelling located in the Rural Ru Zone.
home industry means an industry carried on in a building which is a dwelling- house or dwelling, or is within the curtilage of a dwelling-house or dwelling, under the following circumstances:
home industry means an industry or profession carried out in a building accessory to a dwelling as a secondary use generally in keeping with the trade or calling of the occupant.