Private school definition

Private school means a school regulated under chapter 28A.195 or 28A.205 RCW.
Private school means a preschool, elementary, middle, or high school maintained by private individuals, religious organizations, or corporations, funded, at least in part, by fees or tuition, and open only to pupils selected and admitted based on religious affiliations or other particular qualifications. "Private school" shall not include a homeschool, daycare, or child care facility licensed under the Oklahoma Child Care Facilities Licensing Act, 10 O.S. § 401 et seq.
Private school means an educational institution that:

Examples of Private school in a sentence

  • Private school children with disabilities may receive a different amount of services than children with disabilities in public schools.

  • Private school students shall be evaluated by the District to determine their appropriate grade placement.

  • Private school students participating at their public school of residence will be held to the grade standard of the school they academically attend.

  • Private school shall respond to such letter within thirty (30) days by either returning the funds or detailing in writing why its retention of the funds is proper.

  • Private school or home schooled students shall receive a final grade and transcript for each academic course the student completes.

More Definitions of Private school

Private school means a nonpublic institution where
Private school means a nonpublic institution where instruction is
Private school means a school regulated under
Private school means a private school approved by the
Private school means a school that:
Private school means the same as in A.R.S. § 15-101.
Private school means an academic education school to which all of the following apply: