Pre-financing definition

Pre-financing means any part of the Community financial contribution which is paid in order to provide advance funds for the project.
Pre-financing means any part of the financial contribution of the Union which is paid in order to provide advance funds for the project.
Pre-financing means any part of the Community financial contribution which is paid in advance of submission of proof of work having been carried out for a specific period of the project either in order to provide advance funds to permit the work on the project to begin or to continue with the next phase.

Examples of Pre-financing in a sentence

  • Simultaneous with MGM’s contribution of the Project Assets to the Company, the Company shall distribute to MGM an amount equal to the Initial Capital Contribution of DW pursuant to Section 3.2(a)(i) hereof, subject, however, to the Pre-Closing Adjustment and subject to any contribution to the Pre-Financing Reserve effectuated through the reduction of cash distribution.

  • Participants who wish to use the Cashless Exercise Option may be required inter alia: (i) to open a deposit account (Depot) with the Bank; (ii) to have all Exercise Shares for which the Cashless Exercise Option is used booked into such deposit account; and (iii) irrevocably instruct and authorize the Bank to sell the number of Exercise Shares necessary to repay the Pre-Financing.

  • The Tranche 2 Units shall be earned based on the achievement of Cash Flow Pre-Financing for each Calendar Year during the Performance Period.

  • Any Participant who makes use of the Cashless Exercise Option has to bear all costs relating to the Pre-Financing and the sale of the Exercise Shares (in particular any interest and brokerage fees).

  • In addition, except as set forth in: (i) Schedule VII hereto, (ii) the Letter dated June 16, 1992 from the United States Environmental Protection Agency to New Haven Register, Inc., (iii) the documents entitled "Pre-Financing Environmental Risk Assessment of Community Newspapers, Inc." prepared by Pilko & Associates, Inc.

  • For each Calendar Year, a number of Tranche 2 Units shall be earned equal to approximately (i) one third (1/3) of the Tranche 2 Units multiplied by (ii) the applicable “Percentage of Units Earned” as indicated in Table III below based on the achievement during the applicable Calendar Year of the Cash Flow Pre-Financing goal at the threshold, target or maximum levels designated in Table II below.

  • The determination of entitlement to indemnification shall be made and, unless a contrary determination is made, such indemnification shall be paid in full by the Company not later than 60 calendar days after receipt by the Company of a written request for indemnification.

  • In the event that more detailed design drawings are required in order to obtain Financing, Developer shall cause such documents to be prepared, provided that the cost thereof has been included in the Pre-Financing Budget or is otherwise funded pursuant to Sections 5.1(e) or 5.1(f), below, or by written agreement of the Parties.

  • The Concept Program as last approved (as may from time to time be modified pursuant to this Section 2.4(a)) shall be referred to as the “Approved Concept Program.” The costs of preparing the Concept Program shall be included in the Pre-Financing Budget.

  • The Committee shall establish the threshold, target and maximum levels for Cash Flow Pre-Financing for the 2022 and 2023 Calendar Years at a later date.

More Definitions of Pre-financing

Pre-financing means any advance payment granted by the SJU to its Consortium in accordance with Article 15.1 of the Agreement.
Pre-financing. Deliver to the Security Agent, in sufficient numbers for distribution to the Banks, no later than 30 days after each Quarter Date, for SCTC and TCLC and each other Tobacco Group Company, details of all pre-financing provided or agreed to be provided to such Tobacco Group Company during the preceding Trading Period, in each case in a form notified by the Security Agent to SCC."

Related to Pre-financing

  • PIPE Financing has the meaning set forth in the recitals to this Agreement.

  • Bridge Financing has meaning set forth in Section 7.6.

  • Co-financing means the financing referred to in Section 7.02 (h) and specified in the Loan Agreement provided or to be provided for the Project by the Co-financier. If the Loan Agreement specifies more than one such financing, “Co-financing” refers separately to each of such financings.

  • New Financing has the meaning specified in Section 2.04(a).

  • Alternative Financing has the meaning set forth in Section 5.14(b).

  • Exit Financing means the financing under the Exit Facility.

  • Debt Financing has the meaning set forth in Section 5.7.

  • Financing Transactions means (a) the execution, delivery and performance by each Loan Party of the Loan Documents to which it is to be a party and (b) the initial borrowing of Loans hereunder and the use of the proceeds thereof.

  • Financing Transaction means a transaction in which a licensed provider obtains financing from a financing entity including any secured or unsecured financing, any securitization transaction, or any securities offering which is either registered or exempt from registration under federal and state securities law.

  • Project Financing means: (a) one or more loans, leases, equity and/or debt financings, together with all modifications, renewals, supplements, substitutions and replacements thereof, the proceeds of which are used to finance or refinance the costs of the Customer Facility, any alteration, expansion or improvement to the Customer Facility, the purchase and sale of the Customer Facility or the operation of the Customer Facility; (b) a power purchase agreement pursuant to which Interconnection Customer’s obligations are secured by a mortgage or other lien on the Customer Facility; or (c) loans and/or debt issues secured by the Customer Facility.

  • Special Purpose Financing means any financing or refinancing of assets consisting of or including Receivables of the Company or any Restricted Subsidiary that have been transferred to a Special Purpose Entity or made subject to a Lien in a Financing Disposition.

  • Financing has the meaning set forth in Section 5.7.

  • Additional Financing means the sale by the Company of additional Units as contemplated by the registration statement on Form SB-2 filed by the Company with the SEC on September 13, 2006, as amended from time to time thereafter.

  • Existing Financing means the financing arrangements that provided for a security interest granted by Company in the Aircraft and that were outstanding on August 3, 2020.

  • Other Financing shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 5.6(ii) hereof.

  • Equity Financing means the next sale (or series of related sales) by the Company of its Equity Securities to one or more third parties following the date of this instrument from which the Company receives gross proceeds of not less than $1,000,000 cash or cash equivalent (excluding the conversion of any instruments convertible into or exercisable or exchangeable for Capital Stock, such as SAFEs or convertible promissory notes) with the principal purpose of raising capital.

  • Financing Event means the earlier of (i) a public offering by the Company of its Common Stock with aggregate gross proceeds of at least $5 million; or (ii) the listing of the Company’s Common Stock on a National Securities Exchange, as such term is defined under the Exchange Act.

  • Refinancing Transactions means the issuance and sale of the Notes pursuant to the Offering Memorandum, the incurrence of indebtedness on or about the Issue Date pursuant to any Credit Agreement and/or the repricing, refinancing, amendment, restatement or supplement, in whole or in part, of any Credit Agreement and the redemption (including any satisfaction and discharge in connection therewith) of all of the Company’s outstanding 7.875% Senior Notes due 2019 and the payment of fees and expenses in connection therewith.

  • Securitization Financing means any transaction or series of transactions that may be entered into by the Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries pursuant to which the Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries may sell, convey or otherwise transfer to (a) a Securitization Subsidiary (in the case of a transfer by the Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries) or (b) any other Person (in the case of a transfer by a Securitization Subsidiary), or may grant a security interest in, any Securitization Assets of the Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries, and any assets related thereto, including all collateral securing such Securitization Assets, all contracts and all guarantees or other obligations in respect of such Securitization Assets, proceeds of such Securitization Assets and other assets that are customarily transferred or in respect of which security interests are customarily granted in connection with asset securitization transactions involving Securitization Assets.

  • Co-financing Agreement means the agreement to be entered into between the Recipient and the Co-financier providing for the Co-financing.

  • securities financing transaction or 'SFT' means a repurchase transaction, a securities or commodities lending or borrowing transaction, or a margin lending transaction;

  • Financial Closure or Project Financing Arrangements means the agreements pursuant to which the SPG has sought financing for the Power Project including the loan agreements, security documents, notes, indentures, security agreements, letters of credit and other documents, as may be amended, modified, or replaced from time to time, but without in anyway increasing the liabilities of JDVVNL.

  • Securities Financing Transactions means repurchase agreements, reverse repurchase agreements, securities lending agreements and any other transactions within the scope of SFTR that a Fund is permitted to engage in;

  • Closing Date Refinancing means the repayment, repurchase, redemption, defeasance or other discharge of the Existing Debt Facility and termination and/or release of any security interests and guarantees in connection therewith.

  • Financing Commitment shall have the meaning set forth in Section 6.4.

  • Concurrent Financing means the various third party financing arrangements the Company is executing pursuant to the agreements described on Schedule 2.1(c)(i) (the “Concurrent Financing”) separate and apart from the transactions contemplated by this Agreement.