Additional Financing definition

Additional Financing means the sale by the Company of additional Units as contemplated by the registration statement on Form SB-2 filed by the Company with the SEC on September 13, 2006, as amended from time to time thereafter.
Additional Financing means any revolving credit loan or any other financing or indebtedness of any nature for which Owner is liable (other than the Term Financing) (a) that is incurred by Owner to finance or refinance any direct or indirect costs and expenses in connection with the Northern Pass Transmission Line (i) before the Distribution Date (A) under a short-term borrowing arrangement between Owner and one or more of its Affiliates pursuant to the terms of the Northeast Utilities System Money Pool, as filed with FERC, as such terms may be amended from time to time, or (B) at an interest rate not to exceed the lesser of (1) Northeast Utilities’ actual cost of borrowing and (2) LIBOR plus two hundred twenty-five (225) basis points, or (ii) after the Commercial Operation Date and (b) the costs for which are recoverable under the Formula Rate in accordance with Article 8. Additional Financing, together with contributions to the equity capital of Owner, shall fund such costs and expenses in a manner consistent with Owner’s obligations under Section 5.6 and Section 8.3(a).
Additional Financing has the meaning set forth in Section 16.3(a).

Examples of Additional Financing in a sentence

  • If Licensee fails to raise Additional Financing as set forth in the SPA, then Mount Sinai shall have the right to terminate this Agreement immediately upon written notice to Licensee, without opportunity to cure.

  • In cases where 6 PPMUs proposed under Additional Financing used national competitive bidding to procure civil works, deviations of the final contract amount from engineer’s estimate or contract award price were typically less than 10%.

  • Below is a summary of risk factors identified during the review and proposed risk mitigation measures to improve quality and speed of civil works procurement to be conducted under Additional Financing.

  • Proposed Risk Mitigation Measure:• All civil works packages under Additional Financing should be tendered competitively.

  • Additional Financing Grown Rogue's ability to implement its business plan will depend on the Purchaser's ability to obtain additional financing.

More Definitions of Additional Financing

Additional Financing means Indebtedness incurred by Credit Parties after the Closing Date (other than the Obligations) in an additional amount not to exceed $50,000,000 to the extent consented to by the Lenders.
Additional Financing means (i) any issuance of any debt, equity or equity-linked securities, (ii) any credit facility or credit arrangements, or (iii) any sale of profit participation or royalty streams, in each case by the Company or any Subsidiary (whether or not a Subsidiary on any Closing Date) in a single financing transaction or two related financing transactions in the aggregate amount equal to or greater than Ten Million Dollars ($10,000,000).
Additional Financing means $75 million of additional liquidity, to be funded from the Additional Financing Facility Documents with the Additional Financing Lender pursuant to the Additional Financing Facility Documents.
Additional Financing means an additional amount provided as a grant, in various currencies equivalent to sixteen million eight hundred thousand Special Drawing Rights (SDR 16,800,000) (the “Grant”) provided to the Borrower on the terms and conditions set forth or referred to in this Amending Agreement.”
Additional Financing means any increase in the total commitments under the Santander ABS Credit Agreement.
Additional Financing shall have the meaning set forth in Section 9.02(b) hereof.
Additional Financing means any financing and capital raising activities required by the Corporation other than the sale of the Offered Shares contemplated by Sections 2.1 and 2.2 hereof and any amounts advanced under the Credit Facility;