Definition of Power Transactions

Power Transactions means transactions relating to the purchase, sale, swap, hedge, trade, option, replacement, scheduling, offset, claim, settlement or other agreement for the acquisition or disposition of electric capacity or energy or other products or services related thereto, including, without limitation, the transporting, delivery or transmission thereof and any collateral, credit support, margin agreements or similar arrangements.
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Examples of Power Transactions in a sentence

Promptly following the execution of this Agreement, the Parties shall use their best efforts to negotiate and execute enabling EEI Master Agreements governing the terms of applicable Power Transactions and Gas Transactions as well as a Master Netting Agreement and the Collateral Annex attached thereto.
Energy Manager shall have and maintain such Regulatory Approvals as may be necessary or required to provide the Services, including but not limited to obtaining and maintaining (a) CAISO membership, and (b) any applicable FERC authorization to enter into market-based wholesale Power Transactions or Gas Transactions.
Subparagraph (ii) of Section 2(c) of this Agreement will not apply and therefore, the Multiple Transaction Payment Netting specified in Section 2(c) of this Agreement will apply to all Transactions[, except Power Transactions and Gas Transactions.
Each party shall use reasonable effort to implement the provisions of and to administer this Agreement insofar as it applies to Power Transactions in accordance with the intent of the parties to minimize all Taxes, so long as neither party is materially adversely affected by such efforts.
With respect to all Power Transactions, the words (or to deliver or receive the Product, the exclusive remedy for which is provided in clause (c) of Part 7 of the Schedule) are hereby added at the end of the parenthetical of Section 5(a)(ii)(1) of this Agreement.