Potential risk definition

Potential risk means the potential for harm to pub- lic health and welfare and the environment posed by a vessel as calculated through vessel screening.
Potential risk means a condition where, if a water conveyance facility fails, the failure would create a high probability of:

Examples of Potential risk in a sentence

  • TABLE 1 - Prevention of Damage to Trees Below Ground Causes of DamageType of DamageImplications to TreePrecautionsTrenching, mechanical digging etc.Root severance• The tree may fall over• Death of the root beyond the point of damage• Potential risk of infection of the tree The larger the root the greater the impact on the tree.Hand excavate only within the Precautionary Zone.

  • Potential risk factors considered predictive of duodenal ulcer were as follows: 59.3% of patients were coffee drinkers and 47.9% smok- ers; 35.1% drank alcohol; 8.7% regularly took NSAIDs; 3% took aspirin and 1.1% steroids.

  • Potential risk of DP supply shortages caused by inconsistent quality (substance poorly characterized) and potential incompliance to applicable quality standards of RM.

  • Potential risk for futureCode: AH Patient/Client Relations/CareAdministrative Policy Manual harm can be determined by assessing whether future clinical or psychological consequences could occur and whether they can be prevented or reduced in severity.

  • The Company has a well-defined risk management framework in place with the objective to formalize the process of Identification of Potential risk and adopt appropriate risk mitigation measures.

Related to Potential risk

  • Severity means the seriousness of a violation as determined by actual or potential negative outcomes for residents and subsequent ac­ tual or potential for harm. Outcomes include any negative effect on the resident's physical, mental or psychosocial well being (i.e., safety, quality of life, quality of care).

  • high risk breach means that the threshold for notifying the individual is higher than that for notifying the relevant supervisory authority.

  • Hazard means a biological, chemical or physical agent in, or condition of, food or feed with the potential to cause an adverse health effect;

  • Sustainability Risk means an environmental, social or governance event or condition that, if it occurs, could cause an actual or a potential material negative impact on the value of the investment;

  • Loss or Damage means any loss or damage to the Vehicle, including that caused by theft of the Vehicle or by adverse weather events, that requires repair or replacement including the loss of use of the Vehicle (demurrage), legal expenses, assessment fees, towing and recovery costs, storage, service charges and any appraisal fees of the Vehicle;

  • Pandemic means a form of an epidemic that extends throughout an entire continent or even the entire human race.

  • Subsidence means the lowering in elevation of the surface of land by the withdrawal of groundwater.

  • Leakage means an increase in greenhouse gas emissions