Founder definition

Founder means, in respect of an issuer, a person who,
Founder means, in respect of an issuer, a person who, (i) acting alone, in conjunction, or in concert with one or more persons, directly or indirectly, takes the initiative in founding, organizing or substantially reorganizing the business of the issuer, and (ii) at the time of the trade is actively involved in the business of the issuer;
Founder means each of Barry M. Portnoy and Adam D. Portnoy.

Examples of Founder in a sentence

  • Any number of Class B Ordinary Shares held by a holder thereof will shall only be held by the Founder or a Director Holding Vehicle.

  • STAFF:Maggie Peterson – Executive Director:Maggie Peterson, Executive Director and Founder, is a former Staff Sergeant who was one of the first female C130 Loadmasters in the United States Air Force, a position that few women have staffed.

  • Today, ‘KRANTI’ is all about “Revolution” and so was the belief of the Founder & Chief Promoter – Late Shri Subhash Vora.

  • Mr. Tu is Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of 5 Elements Global Advisors, and Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Communal International Ltd.

  • Chairman’s StatementDatuk (Dr.) Kelvin Tan Aik Pen Dear valued shareholders,On behalf of the Board, I am pleased to present the annual report and audited financial statements for TSH Resources Berhad and its Group of Companies for the financial year ended 31 December 2009 The Board would like to record our deepest gratitude and sincere appreciation to our Chairman and Founder, Mr Tan Soon Hong, who resigned on 25 February 2010, for his foresight and stewardship of the Group for over 30 years.

More Definitions of Founder

Founder has the meaning set forth in the Preamble.
Founder and “Founders” shall have the meaning ascribed to it in the preamble of this Agreement.
Founder means a person or company who,
Founder. , in respect of an issuer, means a person or company who,
Founder means, on the one hand, each of the founders of the Company, being the descendants of Roger de Spoelberch, Olivier de Spoelberch, Guillaume de Spoelberch, Geneviève de Pret Roose de Calesberg, Gustave de Mevius, Elisabeth de Haas Teichen, Marthe van der Straten Ponthoz and Albert Van Damme and, on the other hand, each of Jorge Paulo Lemann, Carlos Alberto da Veiga Sicupira and Marcel Herrmann Telles.