Definition of Post-Separation Period

Post-Separation Period means any taxable period (or portion thereof) beginning on or after the Distribution Date, including for the avoidance of doubt, the portion of any Straddle Period beginning on or after the Distribution Date.
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Examples of Post-Separation Period in a sentence

From the date of this Agreement through the later of the Effective Date or the end of the Post-Separation Period, as applicable, the management of the Plans shall be conducted under the supervision of the Benefits Committee.
During the Post-Separation Period, MMI agrees to make available to you and/or reimburse you for your cell phone service and internet service and you may continue to use the cell phone and computer provided by MMI, all on the same basis as MMI provided such items prior to the Separation Date.
Upon the expiration of the Post-Separation Period, you agree either (i) to promptly return the cell phone and computer and any Company-related equipment to MMI, or (ii) to purchase from MMI such equipment for a purchase price equal to the reasonable fair market value of such equipment at such time.
Subject to your compliance with the terms of this letter agreement, MMI agrees to reimburse you for the cost of reasonable office space at a location mutually selected by us for a period commencing the Separation Date and ending the earlier of (i) twelve (12) months after the Separation Date and (ii) your acceptance of employment with another company or other person or entity (the "Post-Separation Period").