Possess definition

Possess means to have physical possession or otherwise to exercise dominion or control over tangible property.
Possess or "possession" means having control over a thing or substance, but may not be inferred solely from mere access to the thing or substance through ownership or occupation of the premises upon which the thing or substance is found.
Possess means to have on one’s person, in one’s effects, or in an area subject to one’s control.

Examples of Possess in a sentence

  • Possess skills or have the potential capacity to travel independently.

  • To qualify for placement in any program, the certified employee must: • Have an applicable Washington State teaching certificate, and • Possess the endorsement specified in WAC 181-82 required by the position, or • Have had a minimum of one (1) year of professional experience of at least two (2) periods in each additional category or specialty.

  • Employer Requirements In addition, applicants should be aware that employers will generally be seeking candidates who: • Meet the physical requirements to complete assigned duties as determined through approved medical testing; • Are prepared to be away from their home communities during work rotations; • Possess a valid driver’s licence (based on employer policies); and • Are able to meet drug screening requirements.

  • Possess a current, valid, unrestricted state and federal controlled substance license in the State of Illinois unless exempted by the Medical Executive Committee by virtue of the clinical discipline or scope of practice.

  • Possess or be able to possess a valid Idaho State driving license.

More Definitions of Possess

Possess or "Possession" means exercising direct physical control or dominion, with or without ownership, over any kind of property, or archeological, cultural or natural resource.
Possess. “possessing,” or “possession” shall mean that a student has on the student’s person, in the student’s belongings, or under the student’s reasonable control by placement of and knowledge of the whereabouts of, alcohol, a drug, a look-alike substance, a drug-like substance, or drug paraphernalia.
Possess means to have either in or on an employee's person, personal effects, desk, files, or other similar area.
Possess or "possessed" means having actual or constructive possession of an
Possess means to bring a weapon, firearm, or other deadly or dangerous weapon, or to cause such items to be brought into Department property or Department vehicles. (11-2-12)
Possess means to own, maintain control over, restrain, hold, grow, raise or keep.
Possess means either in or on the driver's person, personal effects, motor vehicle or areas substantially entrusted to the control of the driver.