Maintain definition

Maintain means to maintain and keep in good repair any part of the Natural Gas Distribution System;
Maintain means to maintain, keep in good repair or overhaul any part of the Distribution System;
Maintain means to allow to exist.

Examples of Maintain in a sentence

Whilst the activities of the designated safeguarding lead may be delegated to the deputies, the ultimate lead responsibility for safeguarding and child protection remains with the designated safeguarding lead and this responsibility will not be delegated.It is the role of the DSL to: Act as the central contact point for all staff to discuss any safeguarding concerns. Maintain a confidential electronic recording system for safeguarding and child protection concerns.

Maintain airborne contaminant concentrations below guidelines listed above, if applicable.

Except for the roadway and traffic control bid items listed, all items of work necessary to maintain and control traffic will be paid at the lump sum bid price to "Maintain and Control Traffic".

Maintain control during the entire flight, maintaining visual contact without enhancement other than by corrective lenses prescribed for the pilot.

Maintain an onsite rain gauge or use the Department’s Multi-Sensor Precipitation Estimate website to maintain a daily record of rainfall amounts and dates.

More Definitions of Maintain

Maintain means that the New Jobs will continue without interruption from the date of creation through the Performance Date. Positions for the New Jobs will be treated as Maintained during periods in which such positions are not filled due to (i) temporary reductions in the Company’s employment levels (so long as there is active recruitment for open positions), (ii) strikes, and (iii) other temporary work stoppages.
Maintain means construct, reconstruct, install, inspect, test, repair, replace, operate, patrol, maintain, use, modernize, expand, upgrade, or other similar activities.
Maintain means to maintain, col- lect, use, or disseminate when used in connection with the term ‘‘record’’; and, to have control over or responsi- bility for a system of records when used in connection with the term ‘‘sys- tem of records.’’
Maintain means to allow to exist and includes the periodic changing of advertising messages, and customary maintenance and repair of signs and sign structures.
Maintain means to repair, uphold, support, rebuild, renew, overhaul, pave, purge, scour, cleanse, empty, amend, keep, tend, replace and decorate or such of the foregoing as may be applicable in the circumstances and in the interest of good estate management and "maintenance" shall be construed accordingly.