Produce definition

Produce means the application of forces or processes to a specialty metal to create desired physical properties through quenching or tempering of steel plate, or gas atomization or sputtering of titanium.
Produce means to, at no cost to the Port and within ten (10) business days of the Port’s written request, provide the Port (or the Port’s representatives): (a) copies of Records requested by the Port; (b) the ability for the Port to inspect the Records at a location within a fifty (50) mile radius from the Port offices at 530 Water Street, Oakland, California, or if the Records are not located within said fifty mile radius, the ability for the Port to inspect the Records at another location after Consultant pays the Port all reasonable and necessary costs incurred (including, without limitation, travel, lodging, and subsistence costs); and (c) copies of Records in electronic format through extracts of data files in a computer readable format, such as email attachments, data storage devices, or another adequate electronic format.

Examples of Produce in a sentence

  • Produce, if requested, a deed, land contract, or other evidence of ownership of the property for which an exemption is requested.

  • Produce a valid driver’s license or other form of identification if requested.

  • The lifting requirement for this position is 60 pounds.Asumendi Produce is a fixed-site employer who grows, harvests and packs onions.Forklift Driver, Packing shed/facility (preparing freshly harvested crops for shipment in their original, unmanufactured state - sorting, palletizing & prepare for shipping.Forklift/Hyster Driver Specifications: The Forklift driver is responsible for inspecting the forklift.

  • Produce written work that displays adherence to the conventions of academic writing, including control of grammar, spelling, word usage, syntax, and punctuation; appropriate tone, style, diction, and register; proper formatting, use, and documentation of sources.

  • The first phase of the Multicultural Education for Resource Issues Threatening Oceans Plan will include a Hispanic Serving Institution Program, which will:• Provide professional development opportunities for Hispanic-serving teachers,• Provide paid-internship and job training opportunities for Hispanic undergraduate and graduate level students,• Produce a set of universal, Spanish-language bilingual curricula and materials that can be utilized by other National Marine Sanctuaries and beyond.

More Definitions of Produce

Produce means to do any of the following:
Produce means construct, build, install, manufacture, develop, create, raise, or grow. This definition is in- tended to have the same meaning as the definition used for purposes of sec- tion 263A(g)(1) and § 1.263A–2(a)(1)(i), ex- cept that improvements are excluded from the definition in this paragraph (c)(2) and are separately defined and addressed in § 1.263(a)–3.
Produce means “horticulture produce” as defined in the Code and unless otherwise indicated by context a reference in this Agreement to produce means the produce of a Grower.
Produce or “manufacture” means to manufacture, for- mulate, prepare, compound, propagate, package, label or process any pesticide.
Produce means to direct, promote, advertise,