Know definition

Know means to have actual knowledge.
Know means, when referring to any person or entity, the actual knowledge of such person or entity of a particular matter or fact, and what that person or entity would have reasonably known after due inquiry. An entity will be deemed to have "knowledge" of a particular fact or other matter if any individual who is serving, or who has served, as an executive officer of such entity has actual "knowledge" of such fact or other matter, or had actual "knowledge" during the time of such service of such fact or other matter, or would have had "knowledge" of such particular fact or matter after due inquiry.
Know or “knowledge” means, with respect to any Party, the knowledge of such Party’s executive officers after due inquiry, including inquiry of such Party’s counsel and other officers or employees of such Party responsible for the relevant matter.

Examples of Know in a sentence

  • The parties acknowledge that they consulted, or had the opportunity to investigate and/or consult, with their legal counsel and/or other advisors with respect to the Patent Rights, Know- How, Licensed Technology, and the terms of this Agreement.

  • Know school policies and rules, and enforce them in a fair and consistent manner.

  • The CCPA provides residents of California with the following rights regarding their Personal Information: Right to Know About Personal Information Collected or Disclosed You have the right to request, twice in a 12-month period, that we disclose certain information to you about our collection, use, and disclosure of your Personal Information over the last 12 months.

  • How Do I Know If My Contribution Is Tax-Deductible?The deductibility of your contribution depends upon whether you are an active participant in any employer-sponsored retirement plan, such as a 401(k).

  • Know Departmental rules regarding first aid, evacuation routes and fire department notification.

More Definitions of Know

Know when used with respect to the Company means the knowledge of the senior management (vice president or senior) of the Company, or any other management personnel that has had significant involvement in the business and affairs of the Company.
Know or “knowledge” means, with respect to the Company, the actual knowledge of such persons listed in Section 8.12(dd) of the Company Disclosure Letter, and with respect to Parent, the actual knowledge of the persons listed in Schedule A hereto.
Know how", in general, will have its usual and accepted meaning, that is, inter alia, all factual knowledge and information not capable of precise, separate description but which, in an accumulated form, after being acquired as the result of trial and error, gives to the one acquiring it an ability to produce and market something which one otherwise would not have known how to produce and market with the same accuracy or precision necessary for commercial success.
Know or "KNOWLEDGE" means, with respect to any party, the actual knowledge of such party's executive officers, without any duty of inquiry.
Know means with respect to a party hereto, with respect to a matter in question, that the directors or any executive officer of such party has actual knowledge of such matter.
Know or “Known” shall mean, with respect to Seller, the current actual knowledge, after reasonable inquiry, of the following officers of Seller: Derek Peterson and Michael Nahass; provided, however, that any such reasonable inquiry shall not include any inquiry, investigation or review of any third party docket search, including patent or trademark records or any other similar third party source of information.