Definition of Poplar Properties

Poplar Properties means the Properties of Poplar.
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Examples of Poplar Properties in a sentence

The Net Revenues and Expenses shall be equal to the proceeds of the sale of all production of Hydrocarbons from or attributable to the Poplar Properties at and after the Effective Time (and all products and proceeds attributable thereto), and to all other income, proceeds, receipts and credits earned with respect to the Poplar Properties at or after the Effective Time, less all Property Expenses (as defined below) incurred at and after the Effective Time.
For purposes of allocating Production (and proceeds and accounts receivable with respect thereto), liquid Hydrocarbons shall be deemed to be "from or attributable to" the Poplar Properties when they pass through the pipeline connecting into the storage facilities into which they are run.
Borrower Lease means that certain Lease of Office Space between Poplar Properties Ltd.
Except as set forth in Section 2.21 of the Magellan Disclosure Schedule, there are no consents to assignment or waivers of preferential rights to purchase affecting the Poplar Properties that must be obtained from third parties in order for Magellan to consummate the transactions contemplated by this Agreement without violating or breaching a duty or obligation of Magellan.
Any imbalance among the owners of the interests in the wells and units included in the Poplar Properties are consistent with those that are normal and customary in the oil and gas industry, and Section 2.20 of the Magellan Disclosure Schedule sets forth all material gas imbalances affecting the Poplar Properties as of the date hereof.