Definition of Pooled Hotels

Pooled Hotels means all hotel properties described on Schedule 1.81 attached hereto, as may be amended from time to time pursuant to the terms of the Pooling and Cumulation Agreement.
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Examples of Pooled Hotels in a sentence

Within twenty (20) days after the close of each Accounting Period, IH shall submit paper and electronic copies of an accounting to the TRS Entities, in form satisfactory to the TRS Entities, showing IHs computation of Gross Revenues, Deductions, Operating Profit, Lessees Priority, Available Cash Flow and distributions for such Accounting Period and for the Fiscal Year to date on an aggregate basis for all of the Pooled Hotels.
Within twenty (20) days after the close of each Fiscal Year, IH shall submit an aggregate accounting for all the Pooled Hotels, as more fully described below in Section III.E (c) for such Fiscal Year to the TRS Entities, which accounting shall be controlling over the interim accountings.
The TRS Entities shall maintain a balance in the Operating Account in an aggregate amount equal to $100,000 for all of the Pooled Hotels which shall be used by IH as working capital for the benefit of all of the Pooled Hotels.