Definition of POC Activities

POC Activities means certain activities in connection with the Development of the Product as have been mutually agreed by the Parties, as of the date of signing this Agreement, to be "POC Activities."
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Examples of POC Activities in a sentence

For the avoidance of doubt, each Party shall provide such reports to the other Party with respect to the applicable POC Activities and associated POC Development Costs.
The Parties will use Commercially Reasonable Efforts to conduct the Development Program, including the POC Activities.
Other than with respect to the POC Activities (which shall be conducted by Oncothyreon), the JDC will endeavor in good faith to provide both Parties with a meaningful role in the Development of the Product under the Development Program.
The Development Plan and Budget shall be extended to reflect and compensate for any failure or delay by Array in its compliance with its obligations under this Agreement affecting the POC Activities and/or any inaction or delay in response by a Regulatory Authority that could not have been avoided through reasonable efforts.
Upon termination of this Agreement by Array pursuant to Section 17.3 or pursuant to Section 17.2 prior to Completion of the POC Activities, Oncothyreon shall be deemed to have exercised its Opt-Out Option, and Sections 10.2 through 10.8 shall terminate.