Definition of PLK Target

PLK Target means polo-like kinase 1 as more specifically described in Appendix I.
Sample 1

Examples of PLK Target in a sentence

For clarity, the Parties acknowledge that the three (3) Tekmira Development Targets shall be in addition to the PLK Target and the three Protiva Development Targets that are among the subjects of the Protiva License Agreement.
On or prior to the Effective Date PROTIVA has, with ALNYLAMs approval, prepared a research plan setting out the primary activities to be conducted by PROTIVA with respect to the PLK Target (the PLK Research Plan).
Except as may be otherwise agreed in the co-development agreement in the event that ALNYLAM exercises its Opt-In Right, PROTIVA, its Affiliates or Sublicensees will own and maintain all such applications and/or filings and Approvals of the RNAi Products for the PLK Target.
PROTIVA, its Affiliates or Sublicensees will be responsible for preparing, filing, and prosecuting all appropriate governmental applications and/or filings to obtain Approval of RNAi Products for the PLK Target during the Opt-In Period.
PROTIVA shall use Commercially Reasonable Efforts to carry out Research, Development, and Commercialization of RNAi Products directed at the PLK Target on a sustained basis in a continuing program for Development and Commercialization during the PLK Term.