Plan of correction definition

Plan of correction means a home health agency’s written response to findings of regulatory non- compliance. Plans must adhere to the format specified by the licensing agency, must include acceptable timeframes in which deficiencies will be corrected and must be approved by the licensing agency.
Plan of correction means a plan of action that:
Plan of correction means a nursing home’s response to alleged deficiencies cited by the department on forms provided by the department.

Examples of Plan of correction in a sentence

  • The department shall issue a final report regarding a monitoring whether or not any regulatory insufficiency is found.67.13(3) Plan of correction.

  • Documentation of compliance visits include, but is not limited to: o Indicators reviewed and criteria used to determine complianceo Whether criteria met predetermined standardso Plan of correction, if needed, for areas needing improvemento Changes in policies, procedures, and/or practice as a result of corrective action or opportunities for improvement o Date and signature of person conducting the compliance visit NOTE:Refer to Appendix E for an example of a form to use for documenting compliance visits.

  • Upon determining that the service is in violation of any requirement of this chapter, the department shall promptly serve a statement of deficiency to the governing authority or entity owner or designated representative of the service.(b) Plan of correction.

  • Plan of correction if there are any violations cited on the last Inspection Report.

  • When a quality concern/issue/complaint is identified, the Directors of Quality Management in conjunction with the Plan’s Chief Medical Officer will send a letter to the provider/facility requesting a response and/or Plan of correction.

More Definitions of Plan of correction

Plan of correction means a plan developed by the facility and approved by the department of inspections and appeals which describes the actions the facility shall take to correct deficiencies and specifies the date by which those deficiencies shall be corrected.
Plan of correction means a written response from the assisted living program that addresses each deficiency cited as a result of an inspection by the Department.
Plan of correction means the written plan prepared in response to cited rule violations which identify by date certain the specific actions that will be taken by the personal care home to come into compliance with applicable rules.
Plan of correction means a written response from the assisted-living community addressing an instance cited in the statement of noncompliance;
Plan of correction. (POC) means a written plan and attached supporting documentation created by the provider when required by the Division to address findings of noncompliance with these rules or applicable service delivery rules.
Plan of correction means a corrective action plan prepared by an ICFIID in response to deficiencies cited by the department or the Ohio department of health. The plan shall conform to regulations and guidelines and include information that describes how the deficiency will be corrected, when it will be corrected, how other residents that may be affected by the deficiency will be identified, and how the ICFIID will ensure that compliance is maintained upon correction.
Plan of correction means a plan for correcting deficiencies in meeting rules and regulations of the Department of Community Health;