Definition of Performance Unit Grantee

Performance Unit Grantee means an Eligible Employee who receives a Performance Share Unit.

Performance Unit Grantee or “Grantee” means an eligible employee who receives a Performance Share Unit.

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The pro rata portion shall be determined by multiplying the Final Award by a fraction, the numerator of which is the number of completed months in the Award Period during which the Performance Unit Grantee was employed by the Company or JV, and the denominator of which is 36.
The Committee, in its sole and non-reviewable discretion, shall determine the Target Shares for each Performance Share Unit for each Performance Unit Grantee.
The Performance Unit Grantee shall vest in the number of PSUs to the extent provided for in this Section III unless otherwise provided for in Section V (“Termination of Employment”).
The terms set out in paragraphs 1-7 above apply to this PSU Award while a Performance Unit Grantee is employed by the joint venture or other entity.
If a Performance Unit Grantee terminates employment during the Award Period by retirement (including early and disability retirement), then this PSU Award will continue and be distributable on a pro rata basis at the time active Performance Unit Grantees receive such distributions with respect to that Award Period based on the Final Award.