Payment Source definition

Payment Source is your chosen source(s) of the fund for your Card (your Boost eWallet and/ or Boost PayFlex, and such other sources as may be allowed by Boost in future);
Payment Source means any or all of the following payment sources:
Payment Source means the amnis accounts that cover a transaction; “Strong Customer Authentication” means authentication based on the use of two or more of the following elements: a) knowledge (something only you know); b) possession (something only you possess); and c) inherence (something only you inherent); richiedere una Card da utilizzare per i propri acquisti di beni o servizi; “Regolamenti sulla Moneta Elettronica” o “EMR” indica i Regolamenti sulla Moneta Elettronica del 2011 che attuano la direttiva sulla moneta elettronica 2009 (Direttiva 2009/110/CE) della Commissione europea; "CHF" indica la Svizzera; valuta avente corso legale in “EUR” indica la valuta avente corso legale xxxxx xxxx euro; "Commissioni" indica le commissioni presenti xxxxx xxxxxxx Commissioni e Limiti applicabile alla Card o a una transazione. "GBP" indica la valuta avente corso legale in Gran Bretagna; "Valuta riferimento" di La valuta di riferimento è la valuta principale del conto amnis dell'utente. Questa può, ma non deve necessariamente, essere la valuta locale del paese in cui ha sede la persona giuridica o la persona fisica registrata presso di noi. "Esercenti" indica un Esercente Designato o altri Esercenti; “Altri Esercenti” indica un esercente diverso dall'Esercente Designato xxx xxxxxxx la Card come forma di pagamento; "Fonte di pagamento" indica i xxxxx amnis coinvolti in una transazione; “Strong Customer Authentication” indica l'autenticazione basata sull'uso di due o più dei seguenti elementi: a) conoscenza (qualcosa che solo l'utente conosce); b)

Examples of Payment Source in a sentence

  • Primary Payment Source Number of Patients Inpatient DaysMedicare00Third-Party00Self-Pay00Other00 Psychiatric/Substance Abuse Services Addendum Part A : Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Data by Program1.

  • If your Payment Source cannot be charged for any reason, and you have not otherwise made the appropriate renewal or installment payment on time, your Plan coverage will cease from the due date.

  • You must ensure that your Authorised Payment Source remains valid and current and you must renew your Authorised Payment Source if it has expired or if we request you to do so.

  • If your Payment Source cannot be charged for any reason, and you have not otherwise made the appropriate renewal or installment payment on time, your Plan coverage will be cancelled from the date advised to you in a notice of cancellation.

  • Any refund to which You are entitled shall be paid either by crediting the debit or credit card You used to purchase the Policy, or Your Payment Source on file for Monthly Policies, and if this is not possible, then by a bank transfer to You.

  • For subsequent monthly renewals the Payment Source will be automatically charged the monthly Premium in advance of the first day of each month.

  • Primary Payment Source Number of PatientsMedicare0Medicaid0Third-Party0Self-Pay0 Perinatal Services Addendum Part A : Obstetrical Services UtilizationPlease report the following obstetrical services information for the report period.

  • Fee as % of Loan Amount Loan Type Down Payment Source: 38 U.S.C. §3729 and the VA Lenders Handbook, p.

  • For each individual to be given the opportunity to participate fully in society, access to goods and services, as well as to employment, should be guaranteed to all, without any form of discrimination.

  • I will have funds available at my Payment Source to cover the ACH bank draft or a sufficient credit limit on my debit or credit card for my child’s Tuition by noon on the first (1st) day of each month unless the first day of the month is a Saturday or a Sunday or a national or bank holiday in which case funds for Tuition will be available for payment on the next following business day (the “Draft Day”).

More Definitions of Payment Source

Payment Source means the payment method used to fund a transaction. The following payment methods may be used to fund a transaction: Balance, Instant Transfer, eCheck, Buyer Credit, PayPal Pay Later, credit card, debit card, eBay Gift Card and Redemption Codes.
Payment Source means a Custody Wallet you nominate to be linked to your Card in order to cover a transaction in time of card payment; “TENT App” Means an iOS/Android mobile and website application providing centralized and/or decentralized trading and payment platform; “Username and Password” means the username and password you create during the application process (or as subsequently amended by you) allowing you to access your Account; “We, us, our” means the TENT Corporation SE, a company duly incorporated and validly existing under the Laws of Czech Republic (Reg Nr: 08395004), having its registered offices at Xxxxxxx 00/00, 000 00 Xxxxx, Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx; “Website” means our website at “Working day” means Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 CET, except for any public holidays in Czechia “you, your” means you as the Cardholder.
Payment Source means the source via which the payment was received by the city. This could be in-person or mail;
Payment Source. It will ensure that any payment made to or for the account of the Mezzanine Finance Parties under the Mezzanine Finance Documents (whether of principal, interest or any other sum due) will be made out of its working capital, from profits or out of moneys received by it by way of lawful dividend from any of its Subsidiaries or, to the extent that it is intended that any payment shall not be so made, it shall have satisfied the Mezzanine Finance Parties that all applicable laws, rules and regulations relating to the payment of such moneys to the Borrower and/or the Mezzanine Finance Parties (as the case may be) have been duly complied with (including, where applicable, but not limited to, any statutory declarations and/or special resolutions required under Sections 155 and 156 of the Companies Act 1985).
Payment Source means the amnis accounts that cover a transaction; “Strong Customer Authentication” means authentication based on the use of two or more of the following elements: a) knowledge (something only you know); b)

Related to Payment Source

  • Payment Plan means the schedule of payment prescribed in Schedule C;

  • payment system means a funds transfer system with formal and standardised arrangements and common rules for the processing, clearing and/or settlement of payment transactions;

  • Cash Payment System means a payment system that generates any transfer of funds through a transaction originated by cash, check, or similar paper instrument. This includes electronic payments to a financial institution or clearing house that subsequently issues cash, check, or similar paper instrument to the designated payee.

  • Agreement Payment means a Payment paid or payable pursuant to this Agreement.

  • payment service provider means a person whose business includes the provision of transfer of funds services;

  • Payment Recipient has the meaning assigned to it in Section 8.09(a).

  • Reimbursement Payment shall have the meaning given to that term in Subparagraph 2.02(c).

  • Premium payment plan means a benefit plan whereby state and

  • Delta Payment means as it is described in this Agreement.

  • Payment Initiation Service Provider or “PISP” means an authorised third party provider which provides a service that allows that third party to pass payment instructions to us on your behalf in relation to your Account.

  • Payment Schedule ’ means a schedule which sets out—

  • Net Payment With respect to any Distribution Date on or prior to the Swap Contract Termination Date, an amount equal to the sum of (i) any Current Interest and Interest Carry Forward Amounts in respect of the Benefited Certificates, (ii) any Net Rate Carryover in respect of the Benefited Certificates, (iii) any Unpaid Realized Loss Amounts in respect of the Benefited Certificates and (iv) any Overcollateralization Deficiency Amount, in each case remaining unpaid (or in the case of Overcollateralization Deficiency Amount, remaining) following the distribution to the Benefited Certificates of Excess Cashflow and Credit Comeback Excess Cashflow pursuant to Section 4.04(c) of the Pooling and Servicing Agreement. With respect to any Distribution Date after the Swap Contract Termination Date, zero.

  • Payment Agreement means a written agreement which provides

  • payment service means any business activity set out in Annex I;

  • Payment Services means such Services as We provide in relation to payments into and out of Your Account.

  • Note Payment Sequence means the application of Interest Proceeds in accordance with the Interest Proceeds Priority of Payments or the application of Principal Proceeds in accordance with the Principal Proceeds Priority of Payments, as applicable, in the following order:

  • Distribution Services means the service of distribution, as defined in section 5 of the Act;

  • Third Party Payment means payment through an instrument issued from a bank account other than that of the beneficiary investor. In case of payments from a joint bank account, the first named investor/holder of the mutual fund folio has to be one of the joint holders of the bank account from which payment is made.

  • Settlement Payment means the transfer, or contractual undertaking (including by automated clearing house transaction) to effect a transfer, of cash or other property to effect a Settlement.

  • payment service user means a natural or legal person making use of a payment service in the capacity of either payer or payee, or both;

  • Debit Payment means a particular transaction where a debit is made.

  • Payment Cap For each Mortgage Loan, the percentage limit set forth in the related Mortgage Note concerning the maximum permitted increase in a monthly payment.

  • Payment Ahead means, with respect to a Precomputed Receivable and a Collection Period, any Excess Payment (not representing, when added to any Deferred Prepayment with respect to such Precomputed Receivable, a prepayment in full of such Precomputed Receivable) which the Servicer, in accordance with its customary servicing practices, will apply towards the payment of Scheduled Payments due in one or more future Collection Periods.

  • Termination Payment has the meaning set forth in Section 6.03.

  • Payment Time means the time when a Stock Retainer is payable to a Participant pursuant to Paragraph 5 hereof (without regard to the effect of any Deferral Election).

  • Payment Amount as defined in Section 3.5.