Patronize definition

Patronize means giving, agreeing to give or offering to give anything of value to another person in exchange for commercial sexual activity.
Patronize means giving, agreeing to give or offering to give anything of value to another

Examples of Patronize in a sentence

The Union uses a procedure of publicizing an "Unfair List" or “Do Not Patronize List” of those companies, agencies or persons demonstrating a pronounced lack of good faith in responding to employee relations matters stipulated in law, rule, or contract.

In this work, the authors highlight the difficulty of the task and the need for a high-quality dataset annotated by experts, which is the approach we take for studying PCL towards vulnerable communities.To encourage more research on detecting PCL language, we introduce the Don’t Patronize Me! dataset1.

If the UAS operation causes damage to property or the environment, restore it to its previous condition.❏ Patronize service providers that adhere to environmentally friendly practices.b. minimize the discharge of fuel, oil, and other chemicals into the environment during refueling, preflight preparations, servicing, and flight operations; and c.

Patronize an alcohol location immediately following the completion of their secondary employment assignment at this same location when the officer is operating a city owned vehicle.

Working for any firm declared unfair by the Local Executive Board or on the “We Do Not Patronize List” of the Joint Council of Teamster No. 42 or the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

CTA will not patronize any establishment or enter- prise on the national AFL-CIO's Do Not Patronize list so long as the National Education Association does not reject or censure a specific boycott.

CTA will honor all Do Not Patronize decisions issued or endorsed by the NEA Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and Representative Assembly.

Facilities utilized that are on the California Labor Federation's Do Not Patronize list shall be reviewed periodically in accordance with the criteria in "b (3)" above.

Before CTA patronizes any establishment or enter- prise on the California State Federation of Labor's Do Not Patronize list, the CTA Executive Director will solicit the reasons, in writing, for the boycott and a statement of the procedure used to place the specific firm on the list.

Patronize local, publicly utilized stores with reasonable prices.

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Patron means an individual to whom food, beverages, or services are sold,
Divert means to use material for any lawful purpose other than disposal in a landfill or transfer facility for disposal
Clients means the Janus Funds and other individual and institutional advisory clients of Janus.
Develop means to engage in Development.
Competing means, directly or ------- --------- indirectly, without the prior written consent of the Company, providing consultive service with or without pay, owning, managing, operating, joining, controlling, participating in, or being connected as a stockholder, partner or otherwise with any business, individual, partner, firm corporation or other entity that (i) is in competition with the Company or any Subsidiary or Related Entity (as defined in Section 6(d) below) to the extent its products are similar or materially related to those of the Company or any Subsidiary or Related Entity (including products under development by the Company, or to Executive's knowledge, by any Subsidiary or Related Entity) or (ii) otherwise engages in any business in which the Company or any Subsidiary or Related Entity is engaged or proposes to engage, in either case as of the date of the termination of Executive's employment; provided that "Compete" and "Competing" shall not mean ------- --------- being a passive owner of not more than 2% of the outstanding stock of any class of a corporation which is publicly traded, so long as Executive has no active participation in the business of such corporation.
Channels means the standard definition (SD) channel(s)/ high definition (HD) channels, as the case maybe and more specifically listed out by the Broadcaster, along with their Nature, Maximum Retail Price (if any) and respective genre, in Annexure B annexed to this Agreement that are owned/operated by the Broadcaster (including its subsidiary company or holding company or subsidiary of the holding company) ;
Competitors means any Person who is not an Affiliate of a Loan Party and who engages (or whose Affiliate engages), as its primary business, in the same or similar business as a material business of the Loan Parties.
Competitor means any individual or entity that, at any time during the Term, whether directly or through an Affiliate, owns in whole or in part, or is the licensor or franchisor of a Competing Brand, irrespective of the number of hotels owned, licensed or franchised under such Competing Brand name. A Competitor does not include an individual or entity that: (i) is a franchisee of a Competing Brand; (ii) manages a Competing Brand hotel, so long as the individual or entity is not the exclusive manager of the Competing Brand; or (iii) owns a minority interest in a Competing Brand, so long as neither that individual or entity nor any of its Affiliates is an officer, director, or employee of the Competing Brand, provides services (including as a consultant) to the Competing Brand, or exercises, or has the right to exercise, Control over the business decisions of the Competing Brand.
Competing Business means any business that, in whole or in part, is the same or substantially the same as the Business.
Bundling of charges for Enhanced Medical Goods and Services with charges for Non-Medical Goods and Services is also expressly prohibited; and
Competing Services means to provide, manage, supervise, or consult about (whether as an employee, owner, partner, stockholder, investor, joint venturer, lender, director, manager, officer, employee, consultant, independent contractor, representative or agent, or otherwise) any services that are similar in purpose or function to services you provided to the Company in the two year period preceding the termination of your employment, that might involve the use or disclosure of Confidential Information, or that would involve business opportunities related to Relevant Products.
Channel means a natural or artificial watercourse with a definite bed and banks that conducts flowing water continuously or periodically.
Engage means to make any arrangement, and "engagement" means arrangement, whereby an individual is employed or retained for compensation to act for or on behalf of an employer to influence executive agency decisions or to conduct any executive agency lobbying activity;
Store means any retail store (which may include any real property, fixtures, equipment, inventory and other property related thereto) operated, or to be operated, by any Loan Party.
Recruit means a person who:
Solicit means (A) requesting that a contribution be made, (B) participating in any fund-raising activities for a candidate committee, exploratory committee, political committee or party committee, including, but not limited to, forwarding tickets to potential contributors, receiving contributions for transmission to any such committee or bundling contributions, (C) serving as chairperson, treasurer or deputy treasurer of any such committee, or (D) establishing a political committee for the sole purpose of soliciting or receiving contributions for any committee. Solicit does not include: (i) making a contribution that is otherwise permitted by Chapter 155 of the Connecticut General Statutes; (ii) informing any person of a position taken by a candidate for public office or a public official, (iii) notifying the person of any activities of, or contact information for, any candidate for public office; or (iv) serving as a member in any party committee or as an officer of such committee that is not otherwise prohibited in this section.
Customers means such brokerage or other customers or investment advisory or other clients of a Recipient, and/or accounts as to which such Recipient provides administrative support services or is a custodian or other fiduciary.
Users means, for Services, those employees, contractors, and end users, as applicable, authorized by You or on Your behalf to use the Services in accordance with this Agreement and Your order. For Services that are specifically designed to allow Your clients, agents, customers, suppliers or other third parties to access the Services to interact with You, such third parties will be considered “Users” subject to the terms of this Agreement and Your order.
Competitive Products shall include any product or service that directly or indirectly competes with, is substantially similar to, or serves as a reasonable substitute for, any product or service in research, development or design, or manufactured, produced, sold or distributed by the Company;
Introduce means to release a species into waters of the state. “Introduce” does not include the immediate return of a nonnative species to waters of the state from which it was removed.
Competitive Services means services competitive with the business activities engaged in by the Company or an Affiliate as of the date of termination of Grantee’s employment for any reason or any earlier date of an alleged breach by Grantee of the restrictions in Section 17 hereof, which include, but are not limited to, the provision of products and services to facilitate or assist with the movement in electronic commerce of payment and financial information, merchant processing, merchant acquiring, credit and debit transaction processing, check guarantee and verification, electronic authorization and capture, terminal management services, purchase card services, financial electronic data interchange, cash management services, and wire transfer services.
Competitive Position means any employment with a Competitor in which Executive will use or is likely to use any Confidential Information or Trade Secrets, or in which Executive has duties for such Competitor that relate to Competitive Services and that are the same or similar to those services actually performed by Executive for the Company;
Contact means a communication, direct or indirect, between an athlete agent and a student athlete, to recruit or solicit the student athlete to enter into an agency contract.
Assistive Devices means any category of durable medical equipment, mechanical apparatus, electrical appliance, or instrument of technology used to assist and enhance an individual's independence in performing any activity of daily living. Assistive devices include the use of service animals, general household items, or furniture to assist the individual.
End Users means a Third Party residence or business that subscribes to Telecommunications Services provided by any of the Parties at retail. As used herein, the term “End User(s)” does not include any of the Parties to this Agreement with respect to any item or service obtained under this Agreement.
Compete means: (i) soliciting or securing deposits from any Person residing in the Relevant Market for any Financial Institution; (ii) soliciting any Person residing in the Relevant Market to become a borrower from any Financial Institution with which such Person has no prior relationship or assisting (other than through the performance of ministerial or clerical duties) any Financial Institution with which such Person has no prior relationship in making loans to any such Person; (iii) inducing or attempting to induce any Person who was a Customer of the Bank on the date of termination of Employee’s employment with the Bank, to change such Customer’s depository, loan and/or other banking relationship from the Bank to another Financial Institution; (iv) acting as a consultant, officer, director, independent contractor, or employee of any Financial Institution that has its main or principal office in the Relevant Market, or, in acting in any such capacity with any other Financial Institution, to maintain an office or be employed at or assigned to or to have any direct involvement in the management, business or operation of any office of such Financial Institution located in the Relevant Market; (v) communicating to any Financial Institution the names or addresses or any financial information concerning any Person who was a Customer of the Bank at the date of Employee’s termination of employment with the Bank; (vi) inducing or attempting to induce any person who is an employee of the Bank or the Company on the date of termination of Employee’s employment with the Bank to terminate such person’s employment with the Bank or the Company; or (vii) holding a position based in or with responsibility for all or part of the Relevant Market, with any Financial Institution, whether as employee, consultant, or otherwise, (A) in which Employee will have duties, or will perform or be expected to perform services for such Financial Institution, that is or are the same as or substantially similar to the position held by Employee or those duties or services actually performed by Employee for the Bank within the twelve (12) month period immediately preceding the termination of Employee’s employment with the Bank, or (B) in which Employee will use or disclose or be reasonably expected to use or disclose any Confidential Information of the Bank or the Company for the purpose of providing, or attempting to provide, such Financial Institution with a competitive advantage in relation to the Bank or the Company.