Past Customer definition

Past Customer means a Person who was a customer of Company during the two years preceding the purported solicitation; and “Future Customer” shall mean a prospective customer with whom Company conducted discussions about becoming a customer during the six months preceding the purported solicitation.

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  • Security # - - How did you hear about Alumaline?(Please check all that apply) Past Customer Web Print Ad Marketing Online Marketing Shows OtherFor Customers that wish to pay by Credit Card for COD payments provide #- - - Exp: / Code Billing address Signature of Cardholder Do you wish to apply for credit terms: YES: NO:If box is marked yes, please complete the remainder of the next two pages.

  • Reinartz and Kumar (2000, 2003) in their research have shown that by deciding on lifetime value of each customer and customer specific drivers of profitable customer lifetime duration, it will help the firms to determine the correct customers to retain.It also highlighted that CLV is superior to RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary), PCV (Past Customer Value) and also CSS (Customer Spending Score) in a few perspectives.

  • High Performing Contractor’s Use of Performance: Past Customer Satisfaction and Visual Inspections.

  • Here, CLV from firm perspective and customer perspective will be divest and expand in different ways, event there have different model of prospecting CLV.Traditionally, there are three common models for estimating CLV from customer perspectives that are RFM, Share-of-Wallet and Past Customer Value.

  • Current Customer Past Customer ***At least one reference must be a past customer***REGION ONE EDUCATION SERVICE CENTER VENDOR AFFIDAVITS AND CERTIFICATIONS FROZEN DESSERT PRODUCTSRFP 16-AGENCY-00002( DUE: 3 PM, JULY 26, 2017 Certification of ResidencyThe State of Texas has a law concerning non-resident Vendors and makes it necessary for Region One ESC to determine the residency of its Vendors.

  • Sally Homemaker Past Customer 701-XXX-XXXXshomemaker@organzied.comJOB INTERVIEWSNow that you have completed the preliminaries, the next step is to sell yourself.

  • CLV is far more superior compare to other methods such as Recency- Frequency-Monetary value (RFM), Past Customer Value (PCV) and Customer Spending Score (CSS) due to some limitations by those metric even though they are more commonly used compare to CLV.

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  • Host Customer means a residential distribution system customer of TNMP that owns or leases facilities at a Project Site or sites and that has entered into a Host Customer Agreement with the Project Sponsor or is acting as its own Project Sponsor for the installation of Measures as a part of the Project. For the purposes of this Agreement, a residential customer shall mean a TNMP distribution customer with one or more metered facilities, none individually exceeding 100 kW demand nor together exceeding 250 kW demand in the aggregate; a customer’s load within a service territory that is under common ownership shall be combined.

  • DMA Customer means a Customer of a Sponsoring Broker where representatives of the Customer that are natural persons are designated by the Sponsoring Broker to have Trading Access to the SEF Platform using the Participant ID of the Sponsoring Broker and where such Customer signs the DMA Customer Documentation.

  • Relevant Customer means any person, firm or company which at any time during the 12 months prior to the Relevant Date was a customer of the Employer or any other Group Company, with whom or which the Executive dealt other than in a de minimis way or for whom or which the Executive was responsible in a supervisory or managerial capacity on behalf of the Employer or any other Group Company at any time during the said period;

  • End Customer means any party that is licensed to receive the Data either directly or via a Redistributor or group of Redistributors.

  • Retail customer means any person that purchases retail electric energy for its own consumption at

  • Significant Customer has the meaning set forth in Section 5.22(a).

  • Indigent Customer means the head of an indigent household:-

  • Existing Customer means an individual who has purchased goods or services from a person, who is the recipient of a voice communication from that person, and who either paid for the goods or services within the 12 months preceding the voice communication or has not paid for the goods and services at the time of the voice communication because of a prior agreement between the person and the individual.

  • Significant Customers shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.19.

  • Business Customer means a customer that is a business operating in any form, including a sole proprietorship. Sales to a non-profit organization, to a trust, to the U.S. Government, to a foreign, state or local government, or to an agency or instrumentality of that government are treated as sales to a business customer and must be assigned consistent with the rules for those sales.

  • Top Customers has the meaning set forth in Section 4.22(a).

  • New Customer means any Person that is not an Exterran Customer, a Partnership Customer or an Overlapping Customer and that informs any of the Parties hereto of a need for Competitive Services.

  • End User Customer means a third party retail Customer that subscribes to a Telecommunications Service provided by either of the Parties or by another Carrier or by two (2) or more Carriers.

  • End-Use Customer means a person or entity in Delaware that purchases electrical energy at retail prices from a Retail Electricity Supplier.

  • household customer means a customer purchasing electricity for his own household consumption, excluding commercial or professional activities;

  • service supplier means any person that supplies a service;

  • Customer means the State agency or other entity identified in a contract as the party to receive commodities or contractual services pursuant to a contract or that orders commodities or contractual services via purchase order or other contractual instrument from the Contractor under the Contract. The “Customer” may also be the “Buyer” as defined in the PUR 1001 if it meets the definition of both terms.

  • wholesale customer means a natural or legal person purchasing electricity for the purpose of resale inside or outside the system where he is established;

  • Material Customer has the meaning set forth in Section 3.21(a).

  • financial service supplier means any natural or juridical person of a Party wishing to supply or supplying financial services but the term “financial service supplier” does not include a public entity;

  • Company Customer means a person or entity for whom the Company was providing services either at the time of, or at any time within the twelve (12) months preceding, the Termination Date, and for whom Executive carried out or oversaw a material business responsibility during said twelve (12) month period.

  • Net metering customer means a customer of the electric distribution company

  • Material Customers has the meaning set forth in Section 3.15(a).

  • Major Customer shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.22(a).

  • END USER CUSTOMER LOCATION means the physical location of the premises where an End User makes use of the telecommunications services.

  • final customer means a customer purchasing electricity for his own use;