Conveyance system definition

Conveyance system means the drainage facilities and features, both natural and constructed, that provide for the collection and transport of surface water or stormwater runoff. The natural elements of the “conveyance system” include swales and small drainage courses, streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands. The constructed elements of the “conveyance system” include gutters, ditches, pipes, catch basins, channels and most flow control and water quality facilities.
Conveyance system means that portion of a drain system that consists of a series of pipes that transport water from one area to another without providing detention.

Examples of Conveyance system in a sentence

  • Conveyance system means that portion of the municipal separate storm sewer system designed or used for conveying stormwater.

  • Installations starting from the sources provided in the "Main Conveyance" system extending to individual services throughout the District in the form of main or lateral extensions, to provide the customers with water service.

  • Commuting/conveyance- Conveyance system from project site to the nearby towns and city is adequately developed.

  • Conveyance system protection and flood protection analyses shall be provided at every discharge point of concentrated flow originating from site improvements.

  • Conveyance system structures including manholes, inlets and catch basins shall be located outside of the travelled way and auxiliary lanes of freeways including collector-distributors andramps.

More Definitions of Conveyance system

Conveyance system means the system of piping and other equipment required to convey Landfill Gas, condensate and compressed air from the City Installed Collection System and the Gas Producer Installed Collection Systems to either the Temporary Power Generation Facility or the Cogeneration Facility, and Landfill Gas to the North City pipeline compressor station (identified in the Scope of Work), all such piping and other equipment to be installed by the Gas Producer, identified more particularly in the Scope of Work for the Gas Agreement.
Conveyance system means a device or practice such as a swale, pipe, or ditch that is designed specifically to pass the stormwater from one place to another. A conveyance system does not include a practice designed for post-construction stormwater management, i.e. infiltration basin, infiltration trench, infiltration swale, bioretention basin, rain garden, or wet detention basin.
Conveyance system means a method designed to move material from one facility or operation to another facility or operation on the same site. Examples of a conveyance system include, but are not limited to, conveyor belts, pipes, tubes, and heavy equipment, such as a front-end loader.
Conveyance system means the system which is owned and operated by the Conveyance Licensee and which consists (wholly or mainly) of electric lines and electric plant and which is used for conveying electricity from a generating station to a substation, from one generating station to another or from one substation to another (but shall not include any such lines which form part of the supply system);
Conveyance system means the drainage facilities and features, both natural
Conveyance system means the drainage facilities and features, both natural and constructed
Conveyance system means, for the purposes of this permit, a sewer, ditch, pipe, channel, swale or similar component that is designed to carry water; or any combination of such components.