Outsource Provider definition

Outsource Provider means any provider, other than an IT Provider, which performs services, other than information technology services, for the Insured Organisation pursuant to a written contract and that are necessary for the Insured Organisation to conduct business operations.
Outsource Provider means any third-party service provider(s) such as an outsourcer, hosting, managed service, or collocation service provider or other information technology service provider for the performance of information technology functions appointed or engaged by or on behalf of the Customer;

Examples of Outsource Provider in a sentence

  • In using the Offering or authorising its Outsource Provider and third parties to use it on Customer’s behalf, Customer (and not Darktrace) will be responsible for establishing, monitoring, and implementing security practices to control the physical access to and use of the Offering and all Customer Data therein, including Personal Data.

  • In using the Services (or authorising its Outsource Provider to use the Services on Customer’s behalf), Customer shall be responsible for establishing, monitoring and implementing security practices to control access to and use of the Services and all Customer Data therein.

More Definitions of Outsource Provider

Outsource Provider means FMER or such other provider of data services as XXXX may retain from time to time.
Outsource Provider s Commission” means the difference between the IBM Retained Amount and the price paid by each Customer for each ServicePac purchased.

Related to Outsource Provider

  • Outsourcer As defined in Section 3.02.

  • Ambulance service provider means Latrobe Health Services recognises the following providers for the purposes of paying benefits:

  • Cloud Service Provider or CSP means a company or organization that offers some component of cloud computing – typically Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) or Platform as a Service (PaaS) – to other businesses, organizations or individuals.

  • energy service provider means a natural or legal person who delivers energy services or other energy efficiency improvement measures in a final customer’s facility or premises;

  • Wireless service provider means a person that provides wireless service to the public.

  • Sub-Service Provider means any person / firm / Organization / company /entity (other than the Service Provider) and it’s legal representatives, successors and permitted assigns named in the Contract as a Sub-Service Provider for a part of the Services or to whom a part of the Services has been sub-Contracted with the written prior consent of the Employer.

  • Network Service Provider means the undertaking appointed by the ECB's Governing Council to provide computerised network connections for the purpose of submitting payment messages in TARGET2,

  • The Service Provider means the organization or firm providing the services under this Contract.

  • Video service provider or "provider" means a person authorized under this act to provide video service.

  • Education service provider means an education management organization, school

  • Information Service Provider A provider of Information Service. Information Service Provider includes, but is not limited to, Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

  • Company Service Provider means an employee, individual consultant, individual independent contractor, individual self-employed contractor, leased or temporary employee or director of the Company or any of its Subsidiaries.

  • Third Party Service Provider means any consultant, agent, advisor, or independent contractor who renders services to the Company, a Subsidiary, or an Affiliate that (a) are not in connection with the offer and sale of the Company’s securities in a capital raising transaction, and (b) do not directly or indirectly promote or maintain a market for the Company’s securities.

  • Internet service provider (ISP) is an Enhanced Service Provider that provides Internet Services, and is defined in paragraph 341 of the FCC’s First Report and Order in CC Docket No. 97-158.

  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) means an Enhanced Service Provider (ESP) that provides Internet Services.

  • Home service provider means the facilities-based carrier or reseller with which the customer contracts for the provision of mobile telecommunications services.

  • Wireless services provider means a person that provides wireless services.

  • Third Party Service Providers means any third party wherever situated selected by us or any member of the BEA Group to provide services to it.

  • Payment Initiation Service Provider or “PISP” means a Third Party Provider that provides a service in which the PISP gives instructions to us on your behalf to carry out an Account transaction on your Online Payment Account where payments can be made using Digital Banking.

  • Services Provider means a provider of telecommunications services or other services similar to the Services, including O2 or an O2 Affiliate or any direct or indirect supplier of O2 or an O2 Affiliate;

  • payment service provider means bodies referred to in Article 1(1) and legal and natural persons benefiting from the waiver under Article 27;

  • Electric service provider means any person, including the Local Electric Utility, authorized by the District of Columbia to provide electric energy and related services to retail users of electricity in the area in which the Site is located.

  • Communications service provider means a service provider that provides broadband service.

  • Curtailment Service Provider or “CSP” shall mean a Member or a Special Member, which action on behalf of itself or one or more other Members or non-Members, participates in the PJM Interchange Energy Market, Ancillary Services markets, and/or Reliability Pricing Model by causing a reduction in demand.

  • Telecommunications service provider means that term as defined in Section 219a of the Michigan Penal Code, supra, as may be amended from time to time. As of January 2012, "Telecommunications Service Provider" is defined to mean any of the following:

  • Common Service Provider means a person nominated by the ICSDs to perform the role of common service provider;